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Research Methods

One of the most important things that needs to be taken care of during the research is the method of data collection that is going to be used (Vogel, 2016, p.7). There are two main methods through which research is carried out: qualitative and quantitative research methods. The way sampling is carried out, the extent of the reliability, and the way data analysis is carried out vary from qualitative to quantitative research methods. As far as the research method that is going to be used in this research, this report is about the way working capital is going to affect the overall financial performance of the organization. As the report is specifically going to be affecting a certain sector, and all the financial information regarding any entity is always available on the online databases, the method that is going to be used in this case would be secondary research (Charlo et al. 2015, p.277).


One of the key things that needs to be taken care of during the research is how the sampling is going to be carried out. Now, regarding this research, it is important that not only the organizations that belong to the retail sector are being brought into the discussion, but at the same time, the broader industry-wise analysis is also needed to be carried out to make sure that the element of partiality towards certain organizations is not being done. The good thing is that there are enough online databases available, and in the case of this research, the online database that is going to be used would be Bloomberg, which is going to provide enough information regarding the way overall research is supposed to be carried out in the first place. Another key element that needs to be kept in mind is how the validity of the data is going to work out.

Major Data Sources

During the course of this research, the pre-dominant data source that is going to be used is going to be Bloomberg (Charlo et al. 2015, p.277)


It is the major provider of financial news and makes sure that the users have real-time and historical pricing and financial data at their disposal. At the same time, it is a good database when it comes to trading news and analyst coverage. It allows the professionals to make sure that they have the latest news and insight about the financial sector as well as having relevant financial ratios (Charlo et al. 2015, p.277).


The econometric view is a statistical package that is being used in Windows. The idea is to make sure that the time-oriented data econometric analysis can be carried out using this tool.

Nature Of The Research

It has to be noted that the nature of the research is that it is going to be using quantitative data. Whenever financial data analysis is carried out, it is more or less implied that financial figures and ratios are going to be used. The same is going to be the case during the course of this research.

Data Available On The Working Capital

Again, if one looks at the database Bloomberg, there is considerable data available on the working capital and how it can be used to make sure that a better assessment of the industry can be carried out with regards to this data (Charlo et al. 2015, p.277).

Validity Of The Data

When quantitative research is carried out, one of the biggest problems that are being faced is how the validity of the data is going to work out. The structure of this research is such that the quality of the data has to be optimum. Now, when one talks about online databases such as Bloomberg, they provide the information available on public forums. The information that is available on these websites and databases allows us to make sure that the validity of the data will work out in the long run. Keeping this aspect in consideration, the validity of the data is not such a big concern because the margin of error is quite low when one talks about the way these databases maintain information at their disposal (Ayers and Odegaardm, 2017, p.45).

Analysis Of The Data

There are a plethora of statistical tools available to people these days that help out the research process. The important thing that needs to be taken care of during the research is how, in the long run, it would be made sure that the broader research objectives are being taken care of. As the information that one gets to see from these databases is quite valid, the only thing that needs to be taken care of is how the analysis of the data is carried out. Now, as is the case with any research that determines the financial health of the organization, such as financial statement analysis and ratio analysis is going to be carried out to make sure that the entire research element is being accounted for and incorporated appropriately, to say the least (Ayers and Odegaardm, 2017, p.45).

Limitations Of The Research

Now, most of the time, when secondary research is being used during any research, one of the biggest issues that are being faced by the researcher is how they are going to validate the data. At the same time, the other problem that they tend to face is how they are going to precisely find the information that is eventually going to serve their purpose. In this case, though, that is not going to fall under the category of limitation; instead, it would act as an advantage. It is because as the researcher is getting precise information about all the retail organizations in the sector along with the relevant information, there are so many limitations or constraints in this research.

Ethical Issues

There are not going to be any ethical issues due to the fact that the information that is being used is there on the public forum. It is based on the financial results that are being made available for public use, so there is nothing wrong with using that information to get the desired result, to say the least. At the same time, another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that public limited organizations are supposed to make sure that they are making their financial results out in the open. When that happens, it is more or less implied that they are going to be used to carry out the broader trend analysis of the factors that are affecting the marketplace, along with having an impact on some of the other issues that are going to have an impact over the long-term health of the organization, to say the least.


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