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Protestant Reformation

If it’s during the protestant reformation, I would be a protestant and participate in motions that relate to revolutions. In my opinion, reformation is an action that would help live good or worse lives. I would try to save the world rather than reshape it as I have a gospel to proclaim. I would commiserate with Martin Luther (Hendrix 12). I would sympathize with him as he helped shape the world through his brilliant ideas. Additionally, his writings helped transform the religious and cultural antiquity in the West. Martin can also encourage the bible to be printed in different languages to spread the gospel as people would read in their language. Consequently, Martin Luther’s reformation techniques led to constructive formations of different Christian traditions that helped control differences that were rising as results of faith.

If now it’s during the reformation period, I would be a Jesuit to help carry out counter-reformation: missionary exertion and catholic education. Additionally, I would help establish schools and varsities that would help maintain the significance of the catholic church by cumulating secular and protestant civilizations (Vizetelly 18). I would work hard to leave a legacy as he left by being a founder of schools and missionaries. I would be a politique supporter of queen Elizabeth 1 of England as she is intelligent and can understand and realize that other states were experiencing huge challenges during the succession crisis as people couldn’t determine who would doubt succeed the monarch. Her religious settlement would evolve into a church in England. In the government, Elizabeth is a good moderator as compared to his father and siblings. When it comes to religion, Elizabeth is tolerant and avoids methodical prosecution.

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