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Propaganda Posters and Patriotic Music

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters can provide information about the way WWI redefined civil liberties, women’s rights, and race relations. The pictorial representations and captions can be studied. These can help in establishing the impact of this source regarding patriotism. The post-war impact can also be analyzed through the message given in each poster. For example, posters such as “Our Coloured Fighters” can provide evidence of the role of African Americans. These can also help explain the resulting racial and political awareness among people of colour. Other posters such as “For Every Fighter, a Working Woman” can be used as evidence to explain women’s position in today’s American society.

Patriotic Music

Patriotic music can be used as evidence to answer the given question as the perception of the nation about themselves becomes evident in the lyrics of the song and the general ideas that it promotes. Patriotic music as a primary source can be analyzed to gather information about the ideological themes that may impact the American identity during the war. Songs such as “Over There” by George Cohan can be analyzed for their elements of patriotism and glory of war. Other songs such as “God Bless America” can provide evidence of how American sensibilities and perceptions have developed since WWI.

Propaganda Posters and Patriotic Music

When used together, the pieces of evidence can be used to supplement each other and provide an answer that is backed by multiple sources. The common pattern among the two is the sense of patriotism that they instill. Moreover, both sources were used as important tools of recruitment during World War I, as they glorify war and can be analyzed for their impact on developing the American identity. The overlapping evidence of parental pride is also found in these sources through posters stating “go it’s your duty, lad” and songs such as “they were all out of step but Jim”.



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