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Project Planning Influenced by Leadership Qualities


If you are not a leader for yourself, you will lose self-control and will ruin your life or give it to someone hands who is a leader. Same like as per requirement of company management we need the leaders to lead the resource as in a team and make good project progress and will help to go for effective planning.

Before going to it, firstly there is need of understanding traits for leadership qualities development because besides that it is impossible to understand the influence of leadership on project planning. The leadership with most important character is they have fresh a and healthy mind. They are empathetic due to which they do not keep personal clashes in the working, develop good networking, they can develop a good connection and become support for staff and they always leading from the front they give credit not love to take the credits. They are consistent with their gigs and task which help them to succeed and gain more respect from the colleagues and higher management because they do what they say, and if the thing is impossible, they can make it possible with their consistent attitudes. Honesty as a policy been heard a lot always but practically. It can be seen in leaders because they are honest with their self for which they never let their self-down and also the other to point them on their work so they keep them self-honest and they also do what they say in front of anyone (Smircich & Morgan, 1982). Their communication is clear, and they are polite in dealing with others and flexible if you move them anywhere because they have learning attitude. The most important their presence for the surrounding people is an inspiration to do something good in their life.

While sometimes people mix out that managerial skills and leadership skills are same, but given different scholars, it cannot be same. Managers are skills and well equipped with knowledge and have an executive role in the organization through which they try to influence other with their orders; they just focus the organization vision and use staff as labor beside team. They are just looking to manage the processes and conducting the activities at a time with fulfilling their targets. While leaders can be a manager but all managers are not leader while they can develop the leadership traits in their self (Blair & G, 1996).

Steps of Project Management Process

With looking to the leader traits, we will see that how they influence the project management and containing the project management process. Assuming a scenario in which there is a new project in the organization where they got social fund for any social cause which they have to expand properly and they have to submit a report with the justification that why they focus that issue with proper reporting. There are some common and four major steps Planning, built up, implementation and closing which looks simple but they require proper working of the things and long term strategy development to make it running. Leaders always plan the short term into long term perspective, and they can make it easier.Now using scenario we are going to design things as per leader to analyze the leader trait in a better way (Srivastava, Bartol, & Locke, 2006).


The most initial step in this is real problem identification and reasons. The main thing besides every activity is the reason to do it like there we have to solve the social issue, and in front of us, we got different issues. While the main thing he will never influence his word but will take on board different dimension to strengthen his assumption and working plan. While in given scenario main issue is education, health, and unemployment, while 3 of them are social problems which are troubling and creating difficulties in their life. So leader will develop parameters what we should do? Assuming yourself in this place what you should prefer either health, education or unemployment). If you answer is that you will move for a focus group discussion in the community so congratulations you are a leader, because leaders never try to influence their decision but they always go through the proper decision-making process in which they put their assumption, but they look for outer people. If the community says that we need the working in the area of unemployment because it is the main reason for all issues so leaders will highlight their demand and will work on it. The first will he define the objective of the project to be clear out the working and then calculate and manage out resource, how we can do it? It is really easy if you develop the concept notes like leaders always write things as per their assumption to measure things in close out. They identify the scope of the activity and everything which could be part of the outcome. Like He names the report as per objective Eradicating poverty for the betterment of education and health with the objective statement we can see it describing the long term planning of the project manager which will influence in a better way and that is what defines your project impacts in future. It also helps to manage time and cost which is leading the way to quality assurance (Rothwell & W. J, 2010).

Build Up

The most important thing in this step is assembling the team because leaders are always leading work with the team and they never want credits they focus to give credits and also want others. To learn from him and learn from them because learning is like nourishment for their work which keeps them innovating and coming up with different ideas. They firstly assemble their team, and they do it by their skills and competencies besides favoring the people while they also try to engage new people in their team so have a combination of expertise and energies.

The next in this is to give a task to other people so they can carry out there working in their streams and mostly the leadership skills holding manager define them before the appointment and system are always decentralized and all work as a team and support to each other. Also, they give the opportunity to the team to choose a place as per their skills and their competencies, so they have the open opportunity, and they will work with their interest, and he will not have to get hectic with giving time to team and will focus more on impact making.

There will be a joint meeting in which from all the team task working will but up their results which they had on the external analysis and internal capacities to carry out the project. Mostly leaders listen and on that basis they make their development and concrete working on the words being done. In given scenario like with team, he conducted poverty survey, and then other group analyzed the working of social organizations in this streams and here come main thing leaders do to rise with an innovative solution which mostly they are mentioning in concept note but disclose in this time because of concreting their thought. As he worked on social entrepreneurship development where he thinks to develop such a business which will make a profit and also helps out in the betterment of education and health with the concept of social entrepreneurship. There they decide in a meeting that they will open a nonformal school where children will come up to study and will take just a nominal fee to run over the school. While the organization will help to budget it for one year till it gets sustain and the opening of the clinic where they can be able to make check-up. While medicine cost is there so we will take money which is just price of medicine and profit will go in the development of it, somehow we will be able to employ out people and regulate the other sectors too. For this team discuss and define consensus and the manager listen to everyone and also give his points in a respected way develop a good way of understanding and team coordination development. While due to uniqueness which leaders always try to make consider by their team to work.


Implementation is process of executing your project in proper way For the execution of project leaders only focusing quality for which they monitor everything transparently even they get strict about their self while they conduct meeting and solve the timely issues and they never give hype to any issues but they always focus to resolve and never make things personal to their concern and work on it. He conducts team follow-ups and also personally monitor the things and on day basis evaluation which identifies impacts and performance quickly done by them.


When the term of the project gets up, it is really important to gather the evaluation and to make the report on it and also concluding with long term plans for future and debrief all the impacts and working to see the actual scenario. In this time difference comes between manager and leader. The manager comes forward to take credit and Leader forward the team to take credit.

Leadership influence not only working but our mind and future, so try to be a leader to become resourceful for others and try to become more effective than influencing others.


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