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Importance of English Literature

English literature is full of astonishing techniques that help the reader develop skills in today’s dynamic environment. English literature has helped me to discover the world through different perspectives by looking at stories, poems, novels, and plays. With that, I can say yes, my approach towards English reading has changed, as I see it as a lens through which I go through the world’s history and current situations. It has enabled me to see authors’ perceptions and awareness of the universal truth and their cultures and ways of life. Once the reader gets enlightened with all the concepts, he then might be able to develop different understandings, which can help him to explore future opportunities. English literature works as a reflecting pool into which the readers can look upon the people who have ever existed, their workings, and their approaches to (Why Our Students Study Literature, n.d.).

There are many exemplary pieces of English literature until now that I have gone through, which have left a strong impact on my personality and the way I deal with others. Of many of those brilliant pieces, the one that has left me astonished is “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. It portrays a strong message that life is full of choices, and the choices opted for us would define the consequences we are going to face in the future (My Favorite Pieces Of Literature – 910 Words | Bartleby, n.d.). The author speaks about his choice when he stands in front of two paths and symbolizes that whatever path he’s going to opt for will haunt him (What Is the Main Theme of the Poem ‘The Road Not Taken? n.d.). Like everyone, I have also come across different situations in my life that have forced me to think in ways that were right but difficult to work on. I have found great difficulty in choosing the right path where I could stand happily and courageously. I feel a deep connection with this poem as it guided me that whatever path we choose is somehow challenging, but we have to be firm in our decision (My Favorite Pieces Of Literature – 910 Words | Bartleby, n.d.)

English literature has helped to develop different reading, writing, analytical, evaluative, self-explanatory, and critical English speaking skills through English genres like novels, plays, essays, stories, poems, etc. (Why Study English Literature? | Department of English Literature and Linguistics | Bar-Ilan University, n.d.). With the passage of time through analyzing different concepts and writings, I now find myself in a state where I can or I am able to achieve any kind of analytical and critical reasoning (Why Study English Literature? | Department of English Literature and Linguistics | Bar-Ilan University, n.d.). It gives the person the confidence to be able to speak in front of people, express his viewpoints, his expertise, and argue upon relevant concepts with confidence and precision, which no other course promises to provide (Silva-Beiter, 2018). English literature provides a person with astonishing jobs in the market. One can find himself suitable in the jobs like editor, journalist, critical thinker, advertiser, and others (‘English Literature Degree’, 2018)


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