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Position Paper for or against the building of roads in rainforests

Based on your research and evaluation, you will write a position paper expressing whether you are for or against the building of roads in rainforests.

Rainforests nurture the aesthetic sensations of human beings by providing multiple gallants of routine life. In addition, these guarantee food security for humans along with numerous animal species. Other than the food, they also fulfill the habitat requirements of a large number of living species (animals, plants & others) in alliance with securing the natural fabric of planet Earth. However, building roads through these sites may breed long-lasting impacts on the natural fabric and harmony of various living and non-living objects. It may affect people and animals, plants, businesses, and the environment. In other words, such an adventure may lead to multidirectional impressions in the long run. People at such sites hold their cultural, religious, and traditional lifestyles, which directly nourish their spiritual satisfaction. Building roads through these rainforests will sack all the privileges of these people, including their residential premises, for no worth. Why such a massive disturbance is necessary whose impacts may deteriorate the natural cycle? One may argue that it is for more opportunities and explorations on Earth.

According to my viewpoint, it is highly objectable to deteriorate the overall environment of rainforests for lessening beneficial traits. The foremast impact of deforestation may have devastating impacts on the whole world. Many rare animal and plant species may become endangered and eventually disappear, decreasing the planet’s biodiversity. In addition, the degradation of soil in alliance with erosion may result in nutrient deficiency. Deforestation impacts ultimately disturb the climate cycle by increasing greenhouse emissions. The amplified greenhouse effect will worsen the climate as well as deplete the ozone layer. Moreover, the people and communities residing in such areas are badly disturbed. Their life patterns and cultural aspects may leash abruptly, and the diversity of human culture will be diminished. The construction and pavement of roads may result in spreading chemicals in rainforests, converting natural fabric into harmful outcomes. So, based on research and the above discussion, it can be inferred that roads should not be built in rainforest areas.



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