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Population Structure In The UAE

There are lots of issues in this world faced by each and every country existing here. The main issue faced by the UAE is the population structure. This is the main issue of the UAE nowadays, and it must be solved because the population is not balanced. Due to the population imbalance, the rate of disease is also increasing, so there must be a solution to this issue. According to the report, it is clear that the population imbalance is also causing another issue in the country, and that is the culture of the country itself. The culture is the representative of the country itself, and it must be secured, but just because of irregular population structure, the culture is affected. These are two main issues because of population structure, but among the two, disease control is the most important one.

One thing that is asked by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) health care system is what the main cause of disease and death here is. The annual population growth in the UAE is 3.3%, which is the sixth number worldwide. The population growth is increasing just because of migration towards the UAE, and this is also causing unusual diseases in the country. So, there are lots of reasons that are increasing the death rate in UAE. Among them, injuries, Ischemic heart disease, Malignant and other neoplasms are the main reasons for death. Firstly, these issues arise in the form of health problems and then cause disease. There are four other main issues related to health caused by an imbalance in population, and these include Niilo Disorders, HIV/AIDS, Obesity and Diabetes. Niilo disorder is one of the biggest ones, and it is a genetic disorder that arises in Arab citizens, and now it is combined with the citizens of UAE. After Oman, its ratio is highest in UAE (Iain Blair, 2012).

The rate of AIDS was also high in UAE, but according to the report of the World Health Organization, the nation has controlled this disease, and there are fewer deaths due to this issue. Well, the rate of obesity is growing in UAE, and there are lots of health concerns to deal with this issue. Among all the issues, obesity is one of the major reasons that is causing ultimate death, and this is according to health officials. So, there must be prevention in this regard, and that can be done with awareness among the public.

The source of awareness could be the education at basic level, through this source not only obesity can be control, other issues can also be controlled. So, this issue must be prevented in the United Arab Emirates. This issue was very big in 2007, and according to Forbes reports, the United Arab Emirates was ranked number one at that time. It was at the top of the list of chubbiest countries, and as per percentage, almost 68.3% of the population was under unhealthy weight. It was also increasing the death rate in the country.

Again, with awareness, this issue has been controlled, but still, there is a need to have control of this problem because obesity leads towards another disease, too, and diabetes is one of the main issues caused by obesity. As per the report, there is one out of every four inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates has diabetes, and it is not decreasing but increasing with the passage of time. Roughly, almost 20% of inhabitants and 25% of Emirati nationals are facing the issue of diabetes, and the majority of this is found in obese citizens. So, it is clear that one disease leads to another one, and the same thing happened in the UAE (Streib, 2007).

There is a need to find a solution to prevent diabetes. It can be reduced in many ways, and the most important one is to increase physical activity, which is helpful in reducing weight, too. It includes exercise, and it will be helpful to reduce weight as well as to control the level of blood sugar. According to research, aerobic exercise is more effective than other types of exercise, so it must be adopted by patients who are suffering from diabetes. The person can also join the fitness program to resolve the issue. Another source to reduce the disease is to have as much fibre as the patient can.

Intake of fibre is helpful in controlling blood sugar as well as the weight of the body. It is also helpful to maintain the work of the heart. According to the research it is clear that the main reason of diabetes is the increase in weight, if the weight will be in control the sugar of body will also be in control. All these preventions are helpful in keeping the balance between weight and sugar in the body. There is a special need to skip all kinds of diets that have fads in them. The UAE does not have control over this disease because there is no balance in the structure of the population. The population can be balanced through proper statistics and data collected on an annual basis.

Data must be better because it will be helpful to encourage analysis, and this analysis will produce health aptitude that will ultimately drive the development of health. Lastly, all statistics should be easily accessible and downloadable through the main national statistics website, with an incitement to all concerned parties to use and analyze the data to inform planning and decision making (Grams J, 2015).


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