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Police Labour-Management Relations Report

Employees (the police) demand that their pay be increased. According to them, their current pay does not match their payslip. Given the weighty nature of this matter, it is sad to report that the city council police are not motivated to fulfill their mandate. What this implies is that the police are currently underperforming due to a lack of motivation. This is dangerous to the city residents because their security is at risk. At this moment, it is difficult to give an assurance that the city council police will do their best to prevent a security threat if they are tipped (Philip, 2016).

Labor relations managers demand that the number of police officers be reduced. One of the reasons given by these administrators is that the city council is not able to pay them because they are already burdened with huge wage bills. According to them, reducing the number of police employees will enable the city council to save a lot of money, which it will then use to pay police officers who will not have been retrenched. As per the explanations given by the managers, there are police officers holding certain posts that are not essential. These are the employees being targeted (Aryan, 2012).

Some of the options available for the police employee demands include increasing their working hours or striking to compel the city council to increase their pay. The impact of increasing the number of working hours, in this case, is that it will overwork the police employees. This will compromise the quality of services that the police are delivering. For this reason, there is a possibility that their pay may be reduced later. What this means is that the act of increasing their working hours is not a good option. The impact of striking compels the city council to increase their pay may be obstructed by the fact that some employees might fear being retrenched (Warner, 2015).

A few of the options for the labor relation manager’s demands include lowering the retirement age or reducing the number of police recruits. The impact of lowering the retirement age of the recruits is that it will help cut the total wage bill that is spent by the city council on the police. The money saved from this step can then be used to increase the pay rise of police employees who have not reached their retirement age. The impact of reducing the number of police recruits is that the act will overburden the current police employees with so many tasks (Philip, 2016).

The best option of all the above alternatives is lowering the retirement age of police employees. This is because doing so will reduce the financial burden on the city council. Since retired employees will only be paid half of their initial pay. The rest of the money that would have been used to pay the police had they not retired early will be used to meet the demand of the current employees, which is to have higher pay. Increasing the number of working hours in this case is not the best option since the quality of service delivered will reduce to exhaustion (Aryan, 2012).

To conclude, I personally believe that the overall performance of the city council police officers will improve if their pay is increased. This is because the decision to increase their pay meets the demands of the majority of the stakeholders, who, in this case, are police employees. It is of great importance to note that the labor-management group is only made up of a few individuals. Based on this fact, it is not wise to ignore the demands of the employees and attend to those of the administrators, who do very little with regard to delivering security services.


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