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Poem Daffodils By Willam Wordsworth

It is said that loneliness is the ultimate poverty. It shatters the morale of a person. It is an unpleasant response from a person to isolation, and the response is usually complex. It causes a person to feel anxiety and lack of connection with other beings in whatever state he or she is surviving such emotion. However, the people who surround such a person who is lonely can feel it very easily. There is always some reason behind this emotion. The reason can be of a variety of kinds, ranging from a relationship to a family. In somewhat technical terms of psychology, loneliness is the psychological mechanism which requires a person to seek social connections. It occurs when a person’s social network becomes deficient for any reason. In this poem, William Words Worth in his masterpiece “Daffodils” reflects in the first stanza “I wandered lonely as a cloud” also reflect the same feelings. His poetry has been the true picture of imagination. The poet wrote the poem in 1802, and it tells about the sentiments of being left alone.

Wordsworth was known as a natural poet. This poem is a continuation of the same theme and complements the genre of Wordsworth. He found similarities in ordinary things to explain his feelings and thoughts. The emotions that he conveyed through this poem are not temporary but are everlasting. The imagination he built was driven by the actual and real-time situations that he encountered, and he narrated the same with simplicity. As the context of the poem discussed earlier, the emotions of the poem are attached to this piece of writing, such that when he saw daffodils, he in no time connected them with the emotion he had in his mind.

The context of the poem was the death of his brother, which caused him to be alone. Wordsworth describes in the initial lines and compares himself to the ‘cloud’ that flows freely over the hills. This line represents the idea of seclusion. While narrating this line, the author is describing his condition and the way he is going through the phases of life after the tragedy of his brother he has gone through. Further, in the poem, the author says, “Then all at once I saw a crowd” By the term crowd, he reflects the presence of a group of flowers known as daffodils. This contradiction shows that as a human, the author preferred to be secluded; however, by using the word crowd of daffodils, he means that it bewildered the senses of the poet, and he became subjugated to the feeling of ecstasy. He further describes that the bunch of flowers of daffodils that he saw beside the lake were golden in colour and were dancing in the breeze. Daffodils are flowers which commonly grow at the bank of a river where the weather conditions support.

The poet strengthens his imagination by exemplifying the comparison to the stars and providing new evidence to create a sketch. He compares both and finds similarities between ‘a host of daffodils’ and stars that shine on a milky, which is as innumerable. The sketch which the poet has made throughout the poem reflects how his loneliness affected him and how he found his world in the natural grace, which he further described in his words. He tried to convert this natural grace into his words to reflect the vista, and then he showed how he utilized that vista to overcome his loneliness.

At the end of the poem, the poet describes that when he was in a pensive mood and lying down on his couch, he recalled the whole situation in his mind. He further adds that in times of loneliness, when there is no one who could disrupt his imagination, he revived the whole memories of daffodils as this sight was able to provide the poet with a sense of pleasure, which he found very joyful at the time which might have stressed him out or contained the probability of increasing his anxiety levels.

Thus, the poem reflects the ups and lows in the life of the poet. In the start, when the poet describes that ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ and at the end when he says, ‘They flash upon that inward eye’ and ‘which is the bliss of solitude’, these lines describe the two different scenarios. As in the start, the poet was sad due to the feeling of solitude after the death of his brother and he expressed those feelings in the start, he felt morally low during that period. However, later on, as the poet saw the ‘golden daffodils’ that were ‘dancing in the breeze’, and the ‘shining starts that were stretched on a never-ending line, his morale got a boost, which he further affirmed by saying that as the poet was impressed by this natural gaze, he recalled that sight whenever he felt alone and tagged this imagination and bliss of solitude.

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