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Paying Attention Pays Off For Andra Rush

Question 1: As we have discussed competency model describes the behaviors and skills managers need to exhibit if an organization needs to be successful. Consider the general competencies found in figure 7.3 and apply this to Andra Rush providing examples of how competency applies.

Andra Rush possesses the ability to analyze arising problems and is a quick decision maker depending on the urgency that action is needed. For instance, threw was an attack by terrorists on September 11th, 2001, leading to the shutdown of the local bridges. Rush, seeing the problem of transport that arises due to the shutdown situation, takes a quick action to solve the problem. Therefore, she rents a barge that ensures individuals reach their destination.

As a great leader, one should develop a personal urge and motivation for self-development. The individual drive that Rush has is enabling her to make an urgent decision to enroll in an MBA class to study business and eventually be able to bring solutions to her fellow nurses who are facing an unhealthy working environment. In the end, she manages to achieve these to most employees at least if not all.

Flexibility and organization a traits that a goal-achiever manager should possess. A flexible manager will adapt to any changes or situations as quickly as possible. For example, Rush can adjust herself and meet the objectives by driving her truck if at all no one is around to offer the services. The reason is that she is flexible and organizes her duties.

The ability to maintain good customer relationships allows the organization to have loyal as well as attract new customers. A company that focuses much on quality delivery to customers achieves success. Like in the situation of Rush, the means of transporting the goods to Daimler, who was her customer, was becoming almost impossible due to the attack that affected the bridges. However, Rush is ensuring that she maintains the goal of successful delivery on time. Thence, she quickly adopts a new idea that will provide service delivery.

Rush portrays the ability to manage finances well to achieve the planned objectives. She does not have much, but through priority and organizing work well, she achieves this by buying three trucks to start her company.

Question 2: How does the Leadership Pipeline apply to Andra Rush

Rush has had leadership ability from the beginning when she was still working as a nurse contributing individually. At the level of being a single contributing nurse, she can pay attention to her coworkers’ problems. Similarly, after her self-driven skill enabled her to start the truck company, she started solely, but at last, she became the CEO of her company. Through Rush’s hard work, she can manage the firm well by being able to give it directions and develop a culture that concentrates on the long-term existence of the business. Rush is keeping in mind that employee education is a significant development for the company; she is creating an educative environment through various programs for the workers.

Question 3: Andra Rush belongs to several volunteer organizations. Would her leadership style need to change as the president of the Native American Business Alliance versus the CEO of Rush Trucking? How would the Community Leadership Model apply to Andra Rush?

Rush, through her experience, evidently has the ability to adjust flexibly to any environment just to ensure that she applies her leadership traits and achieves them to the maximum. Therefore, she needs not to change her leadership style as the Native American Business Alliance president. As a leader, she has been able to work in different surroundings owing to leadership traits she possesses, such as being initiative, being ready to take risks, a go-getter, among others. However, leading an entirely new business, she needs to find the right approach on how to make a new organization achieve the objective goals as well. With the experience she has from being a CEO of the Trucking Company, she will find it easy to manage the Native American Business Alliance once she develops the appropriate culture.



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