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Operational Plan Stages

Task 1: Consultation plan

First stage: Formulation of the proposal and ideas.

Situation analysis of the Bizops team operation, conducted by interviewing the company manager and observing the company’s performance through investigating the financial statement. We should be aware of the key decisions made by the company (management) and their effect on the company’s performance. The strategy plan used by the company is well analyzed and outlines its strengths and weaknesses in operating the company business.

Second stage: Consultation on the proposal

In this stage, we discuss the objectives of the proposed plan, and managers should set goals for the company to achieve. We also discuss the project and its main impact on the company’s progress. All company stakeholders should be aware of the objective the company should achieve, and they should strive in their roles to fulfill their responsibilities for the benefit of the company’s success. The key message to all stakeholders is to struggle to achieve the company goal.

The third stage: Consider responses and give feedback

In this stage, the idea of every stakeholder is taken into consideration. Thus, everybody in the company is given a chance to express his or her ideas. Analyze those ideas and budget for the implementation of the proposed plan.

Fourth stage: make the decision and implement it

At this stage, the ideas collected from the stakeholders are combined, and a final decision is developed with the help of management. These decisions are then implemented to improve the company’s performance. Management should be ready to implement those decisions.

Task 2: Review key information provided

According to a previous analysis of task one in the company’s operation, There is a need to increase the resources for better implementation of the company’s proposed plan. The company operation should be computerized. Therefore, modern equipment that works perfectly with the plan should be bought. Recruitment of skilled labor is necessary because the current existing labor is not skilled enough to implement the proposed plan. Therefore, the procurement section of the Bizops team should budget for the purchase of the new equipment that will facilitate the implementation of the plan.

The company should develop key performance indicators that should be achieved during the implementation of the proposed plan. This will assist management in evaluating the performance of the plan implemented. Therefore, the company should install KPI software that will assist the management in collecting and analyzing necessary information and then providing a real-time report about the company’s performance or competence edge. Hence, a good action plan should be put in place to monitor the company’s achievement and progress.

The proposed plan system is computerized. Therefore, good security constraints should be put in place to ensure confidentiality and security of company information. All information in the company should be well documented and kept for future analysis and reference. However, the company uses initial details to plan for its future progress.

Task 3: Risk analysis

Risk analysis is the process that assists in identifying and managing potential issues that negatively affect key business initiatives or the successive progress of the projects. These assist the management team in identifying risks in advance and resolving them or preventing them from occurring. The steps of risk analysis include:

Identify risk:

In this step, the company risk analysis team identifies existing risks or possible threats that the company may face in terms of labor, financial, technical, and operational. The risk is identified and documented, then presented to management.

Estimate risk:

In this step, the identified risk is estimated as its effect on the operation and performance of the company. The best estimate of the risk that occurred is by getting the probability of the risk occurring and then multiplying that by the amount it will cost. That is:

Risk value= cost of event *probability of events

Mitigate possible solutions:

In this step, a possible privation measure is taken into action to control the risk that occurred. Also, the measure is normally in action to prevent occurring of some risk for better performance of the company. The mitigation constraints that may be used by the company to manage risk are avoiding risk through advanced prediction of the risk and taking action to prevent its occurrence, sharing the risk by partnering with other companies in case the risk occurs and sharing risk cost. For this instance, the company can partner with the insurance company for compensation if risk occurs. Also, the company should control risk occurrence by developing risk prevention actions and detective actions that identify risks in advance and find ways to eliminate them before they cause a negative effect on the operation of the company.

Task 4: Operational plan

It is a detailed structured plan that provides a clear picture of the company’s section, team, and department that will contribute to the progress and achievement of the company’s strategic goals. Therefore, the operation plan for the Bizops team is as follows:


Improve the value of the company’s products, which will improve the business’s profitability.


Satisfy the needs and wants of our customers through developing high-quality goods and services, which in turn attract more customers, increasing the company’s sales and generating revenue.

Call Centre Strategy

The Bizops team is strategically located in the center of the company’s operation point for easy analysis of the company’s operations. Therefore, the team will state its operations by analyzing the company’s business from zero. Find the problem in the company’s operation and implement possible measures and innovative solutions to improve the company’s performance. The team coordinates with all sections and departments of the company and initiates policies that improve their performance. The team’s main goal is to ensure each department has its objectives that, in turn, lead to achieving company goals.

Action plan for key deliverables

The team has recommended a computerized system that will facilitate the smooth operation of the company’s business. The system will reduce labor costs and record every transaction and action done in the company. The system will assist in the online operation of the business through online marketing and sales of the business products.

The teamwork in hand with top management in policy implementation and decision making. This is possible through a well-initiated communication strategy that allows for a smooth flow of information among the company’s employees. Thus, I have improved teamwork in each department to improve performance

Key performance indicators: An increase in productivity and sales is one of the key performance indicators we focus on to show the company’s progress. The team frequently analyzes the company’s financial statement to see any progress the company has made. Also, positive customer response gives the company good public relations.

Task 5:

For this plan to be successful, the company should have enough capital to implement the plan. It’s possible that skilled labor will be recruited to facilitate the implementation of the plan. The company should initiate employee-friendly policies, motivating them to work in this company.

Task 6:

The company should be headed by the board of directors, under them is the executive managers from different departments. Therefore, the number of employees is based on the available opportunity. The company will have two categories of employees, i.e., permanent employees and contract employees. The number of contract employees may fluctuate depending on the demand in the market. Therefore, highly skilled employees will be needed, and unskilled employees will be given training opportunities to improve their knowledge, skills, and experience. Another service the company will outsource to other firms to reduce operation costs.

Risk management is one of the important sections that is put up in the company to handle risk events. There is a team set up that is headed by a risk manager who identifies risk in advance and finds ways to prevent it.

Task 7:

All the physical resources presented to procurement should be purchased once to prevent delay in implementing the plan. The implementation process will begin if all resources are available. Therefore, the procurement section should procure all resources to eliminate confusion.

Task 8: monitoring process

Monitoring of the activities performed in the company is necessary because it limits the waste of time and resources by the employee. Therefore, in our plan, monitoring is one of the essential roles for the better implementation of the proposed plan. The proposed plan is divided according to the company department. Therefore, heads of that department have to monitor role control implementation of the plan in their department and report back to executive managers. Each department calculates its budget and presents it to the company’s board of directors for clarification and generalization.

Task 9

The budget allocated to the proposed plan was utilized by ninety percent, and all transactions were documented in the company financial statement. Our labor fee was included in the company’s salary expenses. Implementation of the plan was perfectly done, and it is working well except in the ICT department where skilled employees are required to enable online operation of the company business. Therefore, we recommend recruiting skilled employees to enable the company’s smooth operation. In case of a problem, the company can handle it using its employees or outsource another firm to solve it.



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