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National Basketball Association (NBA)

USA Basketball

USAB is a national sports association for all basketball teams in the United States of America, which includes members such as the National Basketball Association, Women’s National Basketball Association and National Basketball Association Development League. These professional associations provide a platform for National basketball games (“USA Basketball,” n.d.).

National Basketball Association (NBA)

NBA is a men’s professional basketball league in the United States and Canada, which consists of 30 teams, including 1 team from Canada. NBA plays the role of a governing body of basketball on a national level, which was founded in 1946 (“The official site of the NBA,” n.d.).

Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

WNBA is a professional sports association for basketball that involves 12 teams of female basketball players. The league was founded on 24th April 1996 and commenced playing in 1997 (“ – Official Site of the WNBA,” n.d.).


The USA Basketball provides a platform for hundreds of players around the nation to display their basketball skills and excel on a national level. The organization performs as a governing body and encourages basketball teams of women and men equally. It unites the greatest professional associations in the United States and is a stage for players to flourish and thrive in their fields.


The organization excludes individuality and unifies the professional association under one governance with rules and regulations to be followed. However, this also proves to be yet another advantage of the membership.

Professional Development

Sports played on a national level, which includes players from around the States, provide an opportunity for them to improve and strive. The matches are covered by several media forums. They are funded, which helps professional players to use advanced sports equipment with quality services. The players gain fame and earn the highest incomes due to the mass media coverage, which aids them in excelling in their field and polishing their skills.


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