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Paying Stipends for Participating in the Sports


It was President Roosevelt who founded the National Collage Athlete Association in 1905 and started providing the stipend to those students who were participating in the athlete. The reason and idea of providing stipend to those students at that was to promote and motivate the students so that more can participate in the healthy activities which in the meantime in be source of income. There are people who are divided into two groups while viewing the money paid to athlete is a good thing or not. The one supported this intuitive and emphasized on continuing it whereas the other group is against this idea of using the resources. While it is taken under the consideration that specifically the students which are studying under the scholarship without paying the fees (Stauffer, 5).


While forming any particular opinion, it should be taken under the consideration of both the positive and negative sides of the stipend programs. There are several of the advantages and disadvantages of giving the stipend to the students who are taking part in athletes. The organization which was working for these students are not as active as it was because partially the authorities started misusing the funds and the other reason of colleges and universities started funding the students by their own.

The first advantage of providing the stipend to athletic students is because their participation sports are devoted to the educational institutes rather for their own-self. So the institutes should play specific amount of stipend to those students. There are many occurrences when the players have face injuries which were few of the times harsher than expected. Providing them stipend helped the universities in keeping the sports culture alive. The other advantage is the minimal stipend to students have helped the institutes to generate the vast amount of profit in the national and international sports tournaments. The third significant advantage of providing stipend to students helps in bringing the financial sense of awareness in the students. While sports and the activities related to athlete providing sufficient amount of stipend the students are not distracted by other mean of earning to support themselves. The other mean could be illegal because of the desperation of financial conditions and the other aspect is that their focus gets distracted to studies to the jobs which they start doing (Tucker, 3).

Now as we have discussed all the important advantages, the disadvantages should also be considered before forming any particular opinion about it. The main point which had provided the scenario that the students are also receiving other form of scholarships have raised the concern that additional stipend is not the efficient way of using the resources just on the basis of participation in the sports. Along with this reason, the stipend will also distract the students with the truer sense of sports in the students and they will only be motivated by the stipend rather sports provides harmony in the student life. Losing the stipend will take away the motivation from them and the further participation in the sports will be less as compared to before. The third and most important reason of not paying the stipend is the contradiction with one of the advantage which provided the argument of bringing the income. Not all sports bring the income but only few are being played nationally and internationally. The criteria should be made according to the income size while deciding the stipend (Sanderson and John J., 12).


In conclusion, after going through both the aspects of paying athletic students there should be a revised policy of paying the stipend to the students on the basis of participation in the sports. If taking a look at the advantages the only valid one is the generation of income because maximum income will help in maximum facilities to students. Those students who are on scholarship shouldn’t be discriminated no matter on what basis they are being provided with scholarships because the effort in the sports would undermined if only the selective students started getting paid for participation in the sports.

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