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Writing and Structure

I’m not a good writer. I write only when I want to write or when I have something to say. There’s no particular occasion for me to write something. I have a diary that contains information about whatever I do the whole day. Although there are no emotions or feelings expressed in my diary. It’s just that I don’t like talking about my feelings and emotions. It happens to me most of the times where I get confused about what I’m feeling and what I’m saying. I literally can’t express my feelings. I keep my feelings inside of me so that I will never get hurt by anyone. Because I know I will not be able to cope with that feeling. I never had so many close friends in high school.

I was just another individual who is passing his days. I was never important to anyone. Everyone seems to have his or her importance in the high school, in my case I was just outside of this puzzle. My experience in high school pretty much shows my life at high school. This has impacted profoundly on my writing, and it still haunts me as well. These are the feelings that I kept hidden from the world. I do not want people to know about these feelings. If they do, they will be lesser acceptance for me than what I have now. I think that loneliness and loss of good friends resulted in me being in a state of semi-depression. I always seemed to have good grades on what I wrote, but still, I’m not a good writer. I have some issues related to the structuring of a sentence and selection of words (Lahiri, 2018).

Studies have changed my perspective towards the structuring of a sentence and writing. At the start, I use to write when I wanted to write, but I have been struggling with finding the correct words to structure my sentence. After reading the articles, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what you are writing. The thing that matters is how you are writing. I was afraid that whatever I’m writing how people would react to it. They may criticize me for my writing, but now I have understood that everyone has to face critics, but one should not let this fear of failure get into his or her nerves. Readings have enabled me with the fact that everything that comes into your mind. Do not write it down to the paper instantly but to think it patiently again and again. Try to throw the sentence in your own words again and again by rearranging the structure of a sentence. This will help you in getting over your inefficiency of making a composition of your sentence. While structuring your sentence, one should look for the words that perfectly describe the meaning of the sentence. Do not use those words that are not easily understandable by others. The most basic relation is to convert a group of words into basic words that describe exact meaning of a sentence. My fear of failure of not expressing the feelings that I have will now be overcome. By using the words to communicate whatever I want to communicate to the other person will be helpful for me in future. Previously I was not able to express my feelings of whatever I was experiencing at the moment. The loss my friends made me go into the state of depression. With the help of writing, I will now express my feelings with the help of words (Crowther et al., 2016).

There were stages where I was blank and not able to write a single line on the paper. My mind was empty. At the start, my purpose of writing was just to write down whatever I go through the whole day. Now I realized that primary goal of writing is to think and communicate. This will help me communicate my feelings through writing. order fFor me to cope with the situations where I’m blank and not able to write anything. I will start doing things like changing the location, take a break or free writing. These things will be helpful for me to get out of that phase. Backing any statement used in writing with sources is important. This allows the reader to know that information provided in the paper is authentic. In my writing, I write when I wanted to write. There is no motivation for me to write. But after reading the different article and researches now, it has started building my interest towards writing. My fear of failure was one aspect that has always kept me at the back. Failure is not the end of anything. I have realized that now. To become a good writer one has to accept the defeat. Failure lets you know the mistakes of your writing, by overcoming those mistakes, success will come. I was anti-social, or in other words, one can say that I was an introvert. I use to keep my feelings hidden from the people even from the ones that are close to me. The most significant fear that I had was losing that particular person by letting him, or she knows about my feelings. After reading the articles, it has motivated me, and with the help of writing, I will now be able to communicate whatever I want to express openly (Klinkenborg, 2018).

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