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My Family Taught me the Value of Honesty

Most families have upheld the value of honesty for ages. Family values form the basis of life and what a person learns as they grow into responsible adulthood. As a little kid, I did not quite understand the importance of being honest. But as of now, I really appreciate the efforts of my parents in instilling the value of honesty. Everybody needs an honest person beside them although this is a luxury that everyone cannot have. So far, I have been able to know that living an honest life is not easy and requires a different point of view in explaining the intention of the course of action. Growing up in my family taught me to abide by honest values as it is the best policy.

There is nothing more humiliating than being called a liar by a person close to you. One lie is all it takes to banish and lose a person’s trust and change the person’s perception of you. Being honest is one of the key founding values of strong friendship. Throughout my life, my father always stressed the importance of honesty as it is the backbone of one’s word and actions. Without honesty, words would be vague without any meaning. Trust issues have infested and destroyed numerous relationships simply because people cannot be honest with each other. I recall an incident in high school when my friend lied to me that she did not use my credit card, but later, I discovered, and until now, I cannot trust her with my stuff. Although telling the truth may hurt our friend’s feelings, we have decided between telling a lie or telling the truth. I have learned that being honest is worth the risks and is significant in building relationships.

Being honest comes with numerous privileges. The virtue of honesty gives a person a good reputation. For instance, an honest person uses his/her reputation to manipulate others to trust made decisions and actions. Most honest people are bound to be fruitful leaders, with a lot of people relying on and depending on them. Additionally, honest people gain the privilege of being respected, as honesty creates a basis for mutual respect and a strong bond between family and society.

The value of honesty gives me the courage to admit mistakes and take responsibility for my actions. My parents taught me that nobody is perfect and man is full of errors, and if I ever make a mistake, I should not lie about or try to cover it. Admitting to our own mistakes and being responsible for the choices we make can be difficult for some people since most of them lack the virtue of being honest. Due to this, most people are held accountable for mistakes they did not commit just because the person who committed it does not want to admit or become reliable for his/her mistakes. A real-life example is when a person is convicted for a crime he/she did not commit, and the person who committed it is left free in society, knowing somebody else is suffering for his or her own mistakes and actions. Some mistakes can make literary break family bonds if someone lies about them and later it is discovered.

In conclusion, honesty is an important value that everyone should possess and adhere to in order to achieve an ethical lifestyle. An honest person is a morally upright person who cannot betray the trust bestowed upon him. Future relationships are depended on the degree of honesty in current relations. In acquiring a person’s trust, you must be honest with them and always humble in admitting your own mistakes. Most people may feel that the easy way out of trouble is the best way out and hence opt for a good lie which is totally wrong.



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