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how racism affects the lives of African Americans

In her work, Patricia Collins discusses how racism affects the lives of African Americans, both male and female. She also examined how African Americans have been oppressed for so long. Hence, she proposed liberator politics for blacks and created a dialogue on how to limit these racist and sexist ideologies that have been oppressive to blacks for a longer period.

In her tone and level of intensity in the book, Collins makes a reader aware of the media representation is aiming not by informing alone but also by liberating the African American readers of his book. Collins stated that African men were viewed as violent in sexuality while white was seen as heroes and kings. Solving the issue of gender and sexuality will reduce the poverty rate among blacks, the rate at which African American children are under foster care as well and HIV incarceration (Collins np).

Towards progressive black sexuality discusses how colonization, as well as racial subjugation, has been repeated throughout history. This section broadens the definition of the state of blacks’ desire as a form of social and political control of black women’s and men’s bodies. The new racism indicates that the past ideas of racism and colonization still exist today with today racial domination.

The Night Is Young Carrillo has summarized the relationship between the Mexican sexuality ideas, norms, values, and sexuality seen in Mexico and individual identity, desire, ideology, and behaviors. Carrillo had background knowledge of public health, where she specialized in expertise HIV and AIDS. The book provides in-depth description a dynamic relationship between sexuality, culture; gender as well the HIV prevention. Strategies and culture helped him to understand the individual’s interpretation and negotiation of their sex as well as sexual life (Carrillo np).

Carrillo argued that a demand approach to preventing AIDS by providing AIDS education to Mexicans is needed. In the night, young Carrillo gave insight and openly studied the relationship between social changes, sexuality, and AIDS prevention. It provides the Modern Mexican with an insight into desire in the increasingly modern world.

African Americans and Mexicans have almost the same struggles in health disparities issues, racial profiling, and the educational achievement gap. These are severe issues that are required to be addressed thoughtfully. However, individual differences are seen between Black Americans and Mexicans. Blacks argued that Mexicans did not participate in the civil war yet they benefited from it. Despite the fact that both faced difficulties and oppression at the hands of the white Mexicans, they did not bother to fight for their right, yet they wanted to be part of the political movement (Carrillo n p).

Baartman was just a symbol that was used to illustrate some social and political strains that Africans struggled through even now. Her being marginalized and used as a sex slave represents how Africans were discriminated against and suffered in the West and at the hands of the whites. Her published image was sent to validate the racial typologies in the direction, through this he summarized the nature o the black female very focused on identifying her sexual organ in comparison to the white woman. Zoologist sees her sexuality as a transition between animals and human beings. In the drawings, her body features were exaggerated to signify her sexual primitivism and highlight her differences from the white women (Henderson 947).

The term hotel and Venus were traditionally used to signify sexual lust and love. Additionally, the bodies of African women were linked from the beginning of colonialism. Today, in South Africa, Sarah is seen as the most important woman who has carried all the burdens of colonialism, slavery, and racism. Even today African sexuality is viewed the same as during the time of Sarah. The French government refused Sarah Genitals to be buried, which showed a lot of disrespect to her, and it is horrible how Africans still tolerate racial disrespect by the whites.

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