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My Commitment and Passion for Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is known as one of the captivating professional fields. People strive to become the part of the fashion world (Svendsen, 2006). People associate themselves with the field of fashion industry due to many reasons. The allure of fashion industry always attracts me since my childhood. I used to follow different fashion trends in my teens as I was immensely compassionate about the fashion world. When it comes to thinking about the career, I always wanted to see myself connected to the field of fashion.

I made the immense level of efforts to establish myself as the leading model of the fashion industry. I take necessary and somewhat difficult steps in my life to adopt the modeling field as my serious career. I believe that the journey of becoming the top model cannot be achieved without the essential features of commitment and passion for the fashion industry. There is no doubt that many people dream of becoming a part of the fashion industry as a model. Everyone has different reasons to adopt the modeling as a career. A huge amount of money, fame, recognition can be characterized as the main reasons for considering fashion industry as a career. It is crucial to understand that not every good-looking person can be a top model. The profession of fashion industry demands the immense level of commitment and passion. One can become the model, but without the passion, it is impossible to become successful in the field of fashion industry.

I always adopt the path of commitment and immense level of effort to sustain my position in the field of fashion industry. My desire and passion for being a model ultimately defining my position of success in the fashion industry. It is obvious that without my commitment, it is impossible for me to attract the concerned individuals regarding my casting for the different fashion campaigns. My determination and commitment to the fashion industry make me strong enough to grasp the different forms of criticism from people. According to my opinion, passion and the commitment are the features which differentiate between fantasy and reality. I transform my dream into reality only because of the commitment and passion which thrives me to excel more and more in the industry of fashion. Fortunately, there is the existence of many people in my life who understands my passion for the fashion industry and encourage me to move forward to attain a high position in my career in fashion. My passion for the fashion industry makes it a fun job for me put my efforts to becoming a successful fashion model.

A necessary form of commitment and passion make it possible for me to take part in the pageant contests. Without any doubt, it was the difficult decision for me as it requires a lot of efforts and determination. My commitment and passion help me to sustain myself for the beauty competition. Ultimately I got the reward for my efforts by winning the pageant title. It was the one of the biggest achievement of my life. It immensely enthralls me regarding my career in the fashion industry. Pageant title opens new ways for me as it gives me the opportunity to act in the different Hollywood films. It was the new career perspective for me as it introduces me to the new and diverse features of the fashion industry.

My acting career fosters my passion and commitment to the fashion industry. My successful career and opportunities of the industry encourage me to sustain myself in the industry and make more efforts to attain a high position in the fashion world.


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