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Managing a Merger


The theory concentrated on in the case under consideration is the cultural approach. Various aspects of culture come under test. The cultural approach takes into consideration the background of people involved in a task. This means that people tend to like issues that they are familiar with. If the culture dictates that some aspects are not good to engage in, then one finds himself or herself avoiding such instances. Culture means everything for the organization. For the organization to perform well, it must have a positive culture in all its dockets. On the other hand, a poor culture lags the company behind. The family background, as well as the previous work experience, also forms part of a person’s culture. In this regard, the ability to work effectively is determined by the experience. For instance, Peter finds his new role as a manager easy since he had taken up such a business in the past, that of his parents. The way of upbringing also explains much about a person. In this case, the advice offered by the guardians and the parents relate to the decisions that one makes into the future. Peter decides to ignore the things that are beyond him due to the advice that his father gave him at a younger stage.

The culture of trying to get opportunities also arises in the case. In this regard, Peter is seen to have developed a spirit of persistence all along. In earlier days, he had applied for a managerial position in Kfys Klear Company. Even after turning out to be unsuccessful, he reapplied in different other times and later succeeded. Persistence is a virtue that is retaliated in the essay. Culture needs to change based on the time and situation under consideration. The past culture of the two organizations, Krys Klear and Glass X has failed the organization. As Peter takes over Hamilton branch, he thoroughly understands the need to change the work relations between him and the employees. He also understands the need to improve the working relationship among the employees.

There are various problems depicted by the case study. First, there is a problem with merging of the two organizations. This is because the cultures exercised by the two companies, Glass x, and Krys Klear, are all aimed at different objectives. Therefore, it becomes hard to match the two into one effectively. Each of the cultures of the organization’s culture has failed to work for the better. It is for this reason that they consider merging into one organization. Several other problems arise in the course of joining.

Most of the employees from the Krys Klear Company are retrenched from their work. It is provided that they have no skills sufficient to serve in the new branches. Laying off leads to a high rate of employees’ turnover. This is a problem for the organization and the employees as well. The reputation of the company is greatly affected as it cannot be trusted with being able to handle employees in the right manner.

Also, the working relationship among the employees is ineffective. This is seen in the conversation between Peter and the area manager. Peter states that his role will be to have the employees’ relationship improved f4om the current situation. This is an indication that there has been an inadequate basis of teamwork in the organization. As the employees cannot relate well, they have not been able to attain much. Poor networking and collaboration fail the organization as a whole. There arises a concern that the new manager has to check on the issue as a priority.

The two companies portray a poor employee motivation strategy. This is due to the high level of employees’ turnover within a short time. If the employees are happy with their work, they are likely to stay for long in the organization. Happy and satisfied employees’ area likely to cooperate with each other and with the management to ensure the best is attained. However, the case in the two companies is different. There has been the development of the individualist culture. This has killed the ambition of attaining the synergistic results all along.

The primary conflict comes in when the merger is enhanced. The two organization has different cultures altogether. Also, the two companies bring different employees from different cultural background together. There is a possibility that the two cultures will conflict from time to time. The expectations of the Glass X employees are different from the Krys Klear employees.

Various solutions need to be enhanced to enable the newly formed merger to perform better. First, the manager needs to consider the expectations of both cultures. He needs to device a mechanism of treating the employees as their culture dictates. The two cultures need to be merged by developing a code of conduct that respects the two across the board.

On the other hand, it is necessary that the employees’ motivation is enhanced all along. The past shows that employees were not motivated, resulting in the high rate of turnover. It is necessary to have the employees trained from time to time to induce better skills in them. This would increase their ability to offer better services in the long run.

Teamwork portrays as a challenge for the past organizations. For this reason, there is a need to for the new merger to work as a team. The formation of the teams ought to be objective at all costs. The unity of all the employees should be a priority.

  1. What could be the main problem that led to the failure of the two companies?
  2. What role could the managers have played in the failure of the organizations?
  3. Is merger formation the best solution to the identified culture problems?
  4. What is the role of leadership in the improvement of culture for the organization?



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