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Moreno Valley Council Representative Approves WLC

Moreno Valley City Council was asked to consider all of the implications of the environmental impacts, politics, and forecasted growth of the city’s economy before casting its vote in favor of the World Logistic Center. I, Moreno Valley Council Representative was asked to consider the heart of the community of Moreno and weigh it in the balance on the controversial development of the Center. The final vote was taken for and against the World Logistic Center project and the council’s decision brought closure to an epic approval process. I would have authorized the construction of the WLC with the aim to catapult Moreno Valley city out of its current underemployed and sluggish status. This project would ultimately position the Moreno community in the central place to gain a viable economic foothold and the city would be a pivotal access point for commerce. The World Logistic Center will provide vibrant career opportunities, great schooling institutions, real careers, and affordable housing societies for the local citizens. Furthermore, due to the global pandemic, the world is striving with the unemployment concern and so does the Moreno Valley community. So, the center would be instrumental in the quick rise of employment opportunities to move the local community again, with the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs within the World Logistic Center and around.

The real conflict over the construction of the World Logistic Center as others are concerned was that the project would give rise to an environmentally toxic Moreno community where citizens will struggle for breath and expose to the risk of increased respiratory and heart disease amid high levels of pollution[1]. The residents of Moreno Valley complain that the lungs of the Moreno community will look like the patients of Coronavirus if the World Logistic Center will be built. They go on that they will struggle to breathe because of the toxic pollution. However, this conflict can be mitigated through buying carbon offset credits as this purchase would offset engines’ emissions. It is intended that the developers of this project will ensure zero greenhouse gas emissions through the usage of solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and other energy conservation measures and will also meet the required levels of waste recycling. Thus, Moreno’s profit vs. pollution conflict will be resolved through the purchase of carbon offset credits and the project will surely be the largest single project for the industrial development in the history of California to support and meet the requirements of large warehouses and their logistic operations in their regions of operation.

In a nutshell, the innovative strategies for water conservation, cleanest petroleum and diesel technology, environmental design, and architectural standards in the World Logistic Center would ensure minimal impacts on the environment ensuring utmost environment compatibility. The project would capitalize on Moreno Valley’s strategic location yielding unprecedented benefits through a variety of skill levels and promoting vigorous economic growth by attracting large global companies to Moreno Valley. The council would ensure litigation of highways, infrastructure, shopping centers, warehouses, schools, parks, housing, public transportation, state agencies, and anything. The developer should negotiate and appreciate environmental groups which commit to mitigating environmental harm along with the goal to make the World Logistic Center the most sustainable logistic center in the entire world[2]. The developer of the Center would invest in green technologies to mitigate carbon footprints in the atmosphere, conservation of energy sources, and mitigate measures for land and air pollution. The local community of Moreno would also benefit the World Logistic Center from the skills of a ready local workforce of Moreno Valley to shift the city’s economic development activities into utmost business attraction.


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