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Morality of the Abortion

If one talks about the moral consensus regarding the abortion, there are different implications that are talked about. During the course of this paper, it would be seen that how the perspectives of Reiman and Marquis are with regards to the abortion and how they implicit the moral value of the whole debate. Talking about the perspective of Reiman, there are legal implications to the cases that are about abortion that must be looked into to make sure that the better perspective is developed in this regard.

During the course of this work, the most prominent argument that he has made with regards to the abortion is that how women who has been going through an unwanted pregnancy to the situation where someone is kidnapped and forced to do something that they really do not want to carry out. The right to use one’s body for their own purpose is one of the key arguments that one gets to see from Reiman. Comparing this through process of Marquis, he takes a standpoint that every foetus has a chance and should be given enough opportunity to make their own future. What it does is that it implicitly states that once there is a foetus, it has become a life on its own and they have their own set of rights and privileges that they have to take care off. The other argument that is put forth by him is that premature death in any case is always going to be a bad thing and when someone is opting for an abortion, they are depriving the foetus of the future experiences. It is pretty much the same way the premature death disconnects the chord of life. It can be seen both these researchers have unique perspective about abortion and it can be said that abortion is something that is still an area where exists moral ambiguity.


Reiman, J. (1998). Abortion, Infanticide, and the Changing Grounds of the Wrongness of Killing: Reply to Don Marquis’s “Reiman on Abortion”. Journal of social philosophy, 29(2), 168-174.



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