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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a policy that whether implemented or halted will have a forbearing on a significant fraction of the populations. This impact that it has is why it was prudent to get to listen and understand the issue at hand from different points of view. It is needless to say some parties argue for both sides of the DACA conversation while others are totally on board with the program there are others who disagree with the program and oppose it in the strongest terms possible. Some of the relevant stakeholders that were party to this conversation are the government, the policy makers including Congress and the senators, the American citizens, the DACA beneficiaries and the human rights activist.

The Government

The Obama administration was where the DACA program originated. The current government, however, is on the opposition to this program and has taken steps in a bid to stop the program. It is important to remember that immigration was a strong pillar as part of president Trumps campaign promises. He ran for office and won on that promise, and this shows the eagerness of the Americans to find a better solution to this issue. The government has shown its concern about the DACA initiative. Firstly, from the definition of DACA, you will immediately notice that it’s a protection of illegal immigrants. The government can not make efforts to keep and enforce the law while at the same time supporting acts that directly contradict it. Documentations of immigrants is essential because it provides corrects statistics for so many planning and policies that are important for a country to develop. It is This more the people in a community, the higher the demand for jobs which means that the job opportunities that are I plenty automatically reduce.

Let us take an example of the 1986 immigration and control act passed in president Reagans tenure; this policy provided leeway for more than 2.7 million people to obtain legal status in the country. In the backdrop of this policy, it was observed that this caused a massive immigration surge, with many people illegally crossing the borders into the country. In today’s society, where there is a significant threat from terrorism amongst other risks that are facing the country, implementing such policies at the moment may prove detrimental and may provide more harm than good. Presidents Trumps administration said in September 2017, that it plans to phase out the DACA program and stop anyone else from being granted legal status. Although the courts thwarted those efforts, he has gone on and has been seeking support from Congress to phase out the DACA program and instead opt for a much better program that will work well with policies that are in place.

The policy makers

The congress and senate are divided mainly between party lines although not entirely. The Democrats want DACA allowed to continue due to the many benefits it has shown to have while the Republicans are opposed to the DACA program and are trying to replace it with a much more improved policy. From the Democrat’s point of view, however much there has been speculation that the DACA program will cause more harm, they cannot directly be linked to the DACA program alone. The DACA program has shown some remarkable results on the contrary. It has helped strengthen the military; there are currently more that one thousand military officers who are under the DACA coverage. Even though the numbers are not significant, these individuals play a vital role in their respective units of command and deporting them would be a blow to the military. The democrat point of view is progressive; they know that like it, or not there is a population of people who would do anything to get to the united states.

They would pay some fees `under the table, ` and still get to the country and work. DACA provides a safe alternative. Allowing the immigrants, a legal way to be registered in the country would let the people bring themselves out and be registered. This is much better than the options of trying to close all ways of entry and instead deploying police and a lot of resources to go after many illegal immigrants. This way the country save resources and allow the police to focus on other more significant problems.

The Republican point of view is in opposition to the program and instead opting to stop it.

The Republicans firmly believe that the move to allow more immigrants will take away many jobs from the ordinary hard working American. It is clear that the immigrants come to America looking for jobs and they are willing to do the jobs at much lower wages this makes them very competitive, and they take away the jobs. The current economy was built upon a known statistic. The resources planning, building, and allocation of resources are from the documented statistics. The implementations of DACA directly affects resources like this. Resources like schools, hospitals, and other welfare facilities need to be planned for. Take for instance when Medicare was implemented, after the passing of the Affordable Care Act, the queues in hospitals were so long there was up to six months prior appointment booking time. The same fate will befall the country if DACA is implemented and allowed to run.

The Human Rights activist

The human rights activist and even the United Nations have urged the united nations not to scrape away the program. A program that significantly affects the populations with close to a million people who could be expelled should the program be implemented. The `dreamer` as they are called, are at the risk of being deported many of whom have lived in the united stated for decades, for the most of their lives. They do not know any other place as home other than the US. Many who run the risk of being deported are women and young children who ran away, back in their countries they will be faced with challenges such as violence, crime, and lawlessness. Some human rights organizations have come out and tried to point out that any move to end this program may be against the basic international law and will be setting a president for other countries to follow suit. They say that the united states as a country were a `country of immigrants where people came from different places all over the worlds, and today it is the united states.

The DACA beneficiaries

The DACA beneficiaries are very disappointed by the idea of the scrapping of the program. The program has given them a chance to work and live in the united states legally where they have established their lives, lived in peace and collaborated with the government. There is a feeling that the government has held their lives hostage in a row between the republicans and the democrats. The DACA program was created for the benefit of children who were brought to America as kids but have grown up here. Some of them were young infants when they were brought and therefore even have no idea of how their country is. If the government deports them they have no idea where they will go, how they will start their new lives and who will they go to. They have decided to take part in peaceful demonstrations on the roads to protest attempts to deport them. In the streets, they have been joined by human rights activists and other Americans who understand their plea. They hope their protest will catch the attention of the government and the legislators so that they do not pass these laws.

The American citizens

According to a January poll done by the CBS new, seventy, prevent of Americans support DACA. The NBC news did a different poll also shows that a large population of Americans support DACA and would like the DACA beneficiaries to stay in the country. Other news sources too who did a poll on the mater found a similar result CNN seeing that 8 out of every 10 Americans support it. Those who support the removal of DACA have pointed out their concerns such as the government. They have been lobbying for the removal of the program in different ways. There are however others who are not on either side but want there to be a middle ground. This varied opinions is why there has been a lot of delay in decision making on the DACA agenda


All in all, there is a seemingly sensitive and very crucial matter of immigration. We all want to be safe and for there to be a dynamic economy. The different stakeholders have a divergent and opposing view on the subject of data. However, the step takes by white-house to invite the opposition to discuss and make a deal on DACA is one step forward in trying to find a solution to this ongoing controversy.


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