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Modern Examples of Destruction as a Result of Unguided and Unbridled Passion

WWI and WW2, the war of Iraq and Palestine are tragedies that remain written in blood in all of the historical books. All these wars were the outcome of a variety of direct and indirect reasons. One of the major direct reasons behind the Great War was the manslaughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914. The main players in the war were found to be Germany and Austria, who sought revenge and power and many other indirect factors like:

• Enmity between the authorities

• The trend to build stronger military forces to ensure the defense of a state

• The urge to fight for your nationality in the name of patriotism

• Issues and conflicts before the unfortunate event of 1914

• Local political dynamics

All the wars of the world have brought along huge costs. The associated costs include not only financial losses but also the loss of millions of innocent lives in the urge for power. So, I believe that violence is not an answer; peace is always made at the end of every war after killing millions. So why not think straight and save those people endless pain?

History shows that billions of people were prey to warfare in the wars of Iran and Palestine. A whole generation of young men was removed while they fought pointless wars for their nation. After the war of WW1 came to an end, it was found out that the countries were left with one man for every 15 women. All the authors, musicians, professors, architects, and leaders had succumbed to the atrocities of war.

Other examples include the Charlie Hebdo incident, where a man killed 12 people and injured many at the office of a French newspaper in the name of religion. Similarly, the Nice attack incident in 2016 was led by a Muslim man driving a truck vehemently and killing 86 people deliberately for his jihadi propaganda. All of this happens because of the spread of violent thoughts that promote killing to survive.

The Islamic states have been victims of warfare and drone attacks by US drones for ages, and this is the underlying reason behind these people lashing out. Such a scenario is very similar to the case of Achilles in the Trojan War, as described in the Iliad, where he didn’t want to fight or kill people, but he was forced to enter the war zone due to the unjust killings of his best friend and cousin. He realized that he had to do right by them by taking revenge on Hector.

However, what Achilles and every person fighting in the name of religion or their loved ones need to realize is that war will only kill innocents, the people who don’t have a clue about what might have happened to them, let alone be responsible. All the wars of the world have been, in fact, a representation of insignificance and butchery of innocents in the name of peace. Every war changes the theory of fighting and killing innocents to win over military conflicts with the disastrous results and outcomes it brought forward. If wars are continued, the cycle of terrorism and killing in the name of passion and violence will continue for generations, causing massive physical and psychological impairments. So, the endless dramatic atrocities and murder of innocents at the hands of powerful by the name of war need to end now so we can build a better future for our children.


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