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Managing The Garbage, We Produce


Garbage is waste material that is disposed of after use. Thus, the waste is both biodegradable and non-biodegradable, and it pollutes the environment like soil, water, and air. Therefore, garbage issues should be approached scientifically while allowing natural waste to be disposed of. Disposal waste has contributed to climate change. Governments, private sectors, and environmental organizations should work together to develop strategies that can help in managing the garbage. These entities should develop an environmental policy that assists in managing the garbage we produce. The paper discusses an environmental policy that helps in waste management.

Environmental Policy

Environmental policy is the environmental laws, regulations, and other mechanisms and strategies that the organization, government, and environmentalists agree to promote waste management. Thus, it involves environmental measures to ensure garbage control. These measures help in garbage collection, promote activities that minimize the impacts of waste on environmental pollution, and reduce activities that contribute to pollution.

The Waste management strategies that help in achieving the policy

Promote Efficiency and effective operation

The organizations should evaluate operations to ensure that they minimize the waste materials. The efficiency and effective operation will help the companies to reduce the waste products, thus maximizing the use of resources. The policy should highlight methods that should be used to improve organizations’ production efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, new advanced technological equipment will tend to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations, thus emitting less pollution into the air. The government and organizations should engage the general public to sensitize them on the importance of effectiveness in the use of their dairy products.

Recycling Promotion

The policy should outline on how the organization should promote internal and external strategies that will assist in recycling the garbage. Recycling is an act of converting waste to usable material or product. Hence, this will reduce the impact of waste on environmental issues. Therefore, recycling is important in preserving resources and controlling the many harmful effects it has on the environment. Thus, it will improve the environment and reduce negative effects on the environment.

Rules, laws, and Regulations compliance

The organizations should meet and exceed the environmental policies and regulations in place to avoid. Governments, global environmental bodies, and organizations put in place rules and regulations. Thus, many organizations and companies deem these regulations expensive to comply with. These measures include the percentage limit of toxic gas emissions and waste of material regulations. Complying with the regulations and policies put in place without considering the costs will help in reducing the pollution and garbage we produce.

Training Programs

Environmentalists, the government, and organizations should join hands to start training programs and campaigns about the importance of effective waste management. The training program for employees and the general public about environmental issues should be one of the strategies that will reduce the garbage we produce. Through employee training, companies will adopt effective and efficient methods. Also, training the general public to avoid waste materials and the best way to dispose of garbage will help achieve effective waste management.

Toxic emissions and source of energy

The policy should include strategies that help in reducing toxic emissions. Organizations should encourage innovation that helps create environmental production methods. For instance, the company is willing to change the source of power of production by evaluating different sources of energy in production and choosing the production source that is less harmful to the environment. This strategy will help in reducing the negative impacts on the environment. Also, the company will advocate for this method to its suppliers and other companies. Moreover, the company could focus on improving and developing a renewable source of energy in its production.

Safer disposal options

Good disposal of waste will reduce the harmful effects on the environment. This will reduce littering, thus decreasing the harmful impact on the environment.



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