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making AIDS recognized among national and international communities

AIDS has been a worldwide pandemic claiming the lives of several human beings across the entire universe. It was discovered in 1982 despite claims that it existed much earlier than the year it was discovered. AIDS community member Mary Fisher is happy about her positive HIV status and she is one of few who can speak up about their HIV status. She has been at the forefront of defending the rights of HIV patients and as well helping them come to terms with their status and spreading the gospel of positivity despite being HIV positive. Mary Fisher learned about her HIV status in 1991, her second husband infected her, and since then up now, she has been an international figure being the world’s number one activist fighting HIV and AIDS. In one of her several speeches, A Whisper of AIDS, she uses specific diction to enable her to create awareness of the AIDS crisis. She uses words meant to express the fear the general public had concerning AIDS at the time she was infected.

Fischer tried to address her primary target with her speeches that is the HIV patients and American citizens. She scared the audience into believing her words, and through this, everyone was able to take all the advice she gave seriously. She used to say that it does not matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, male or female, black or white, gay or straight, old or young, and through this, the audience would automatically realize she was addressing everyone so long as you’re a human being who can listen.

She was very successful in getting the attention of the audience and making them listen by instilling fear in them by saying AIDS is for everyone, it is not for specific people or groups of people. Another common statement of inflicting fear in the audience she used was,’ Whoever believes she is safe is in great danger of contracting the incurable disease”. In that statement, Fischer was tactical in scaring her audience by telling them no matter what they do, the virus can still get into their body and they get the disease. The main intention of all her speeches was to ensure AIDS should be recognized as an international disaster and those suffering from AIDS should not fear speaking up with confidence for them to be heard. She used herself as an example of a female who can stand up and speak with confidence. She says that being a woman who contracted HIV in marriage she enjoys her family support, she is with a man lonely after being neglected by her family for having contracted HIV and AIDS. This speech was received by warm applause from the crown who cheered her on her good communication skills.

Fisher uses words to scare people to make them fully understand what she said and with their full attention on the speech. She successfully pressed on making AIDS recognized by both national and international communities. This led to the beginning of serious research on the treatment for the HIV and AIDS pandemic.



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