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Magnolias without Moonlight: The American South from Regional Confederacy to National Integration Review


He is in Miami meets with one of his (walks towards) fellow boys near the nobble holes in Miami town.


Junkies desperately try to buy something from another man, but the junkie is endlessly rejected. Juan

Juan later goes (walks towards) to the dope hole where a young boy (Alex Hibbert) has been washed away by a collection of bullies.


(Walk away from the junkie leaving him alone and throws stones at the window. cchhhhssh sounds of broken glasses.)


(Pulls a wooden board (rrrrrr) from the window and discovers the hiding boy). He takes the boy with him to acquire food)

What is your name?


(Keeps quite)


(Walks with the boys to his home.) I found this boy among bullies and rescued him, but he has refused to say his name. (Juan tells his girlfriend, Teresa ( Janella Monae).


My name is Chiron, and my friends refer to me as “Little.”

(Next day) (Juan walks home with Chiron)


Goodbye Chiron, see you later.

Paula (Naomie Harris)

She brings with her Chiron to the house and keeps him away from his son (Juan) as he tries to say his son.

(A collection of children play on a ground near the railroad paths.)


(He walks away from the group with Kelvin (Jaden Piner), who is Chiron’s’ friend)


He tells Chiron that he will show other children that he is hard so that they can stop choosing him.

(Kelvin and Chiron play-fight before they commence going home)
(After school, two boys and Kelvin are in a classroom viewing each other’s penis. Kelvin let in Chiron in the room. Kelvin unzips Chiron pants and shows his penis Kevin and the other boys.)
(Chiron walks with Juan to the beach and trains him how to swim. The two later sit down on the sand)

When I was a little kid, I used to play along with the beach. I must carve out my track in this universe and not let anyone in his decisions make decisions on my behalf.

(During the night Juan sees a person smoking crack along the streets. Later discovers that the man is with Paula. (Paula is Juan’s girlfriend, Paula is punished by Juan for smoking crack.)


The man is the one who sold it to me. (The two lovers argue on Chiron life.)

Are you raising your son? Do you know why other boys usually pick on you? Chiron you are a faggot. (She walks as she goes home).
Chiron visits Juan’s and Teresa’s home, in the morning.

Am angry with Paula, and I don’t like her.

Juan, what is a faggot?

It refers to a stupid person


How is your drug business doing? Please, can you sell some drugs to my mother? Chiron takes off, and Juan seems tearfully regretful.


Skipping onward a few ages, Chiron becomes a teen (now played by Ashton Sanders). Since Juan died, Chiron is bullied at his school by Terrel (Patrick Decile), Terrel mocks Chiron until their teacher kicks out Terrel in the middle of the class.
After the lesson, Kevin (now played by Jharal Jerome).

(Walks towards Chiron) You know what Chiron I have been given a blowjob by a girl today on the staircase, I just pleased the girl while we were on the field. I gave her some sweets and told her how much I liked her. She later said that she too loved me. While walking from the field I touched her breast and put her hands on my dick I asked her if she could give me a blowjob. She just opened my trouser and licked my penis slowly, and I enjoyed. Chiron from today henceforth you will be called “Black.” Teresa is continuously visited by Chiron for food, a place where Chiron could crush for some nights and some money.

Chiron walks home from Teresa house. Paula who is very high at the moment, demands money from Chiron so that she can have more drugs with her. Paula forcibly tries to snatch some coins from Chiron’s pocket until Chiron accepts and gives some money to her.

One day as Chiron walks towards home from school.

Terrel and his friend

Chiron your mother is so stupid, she is full of poverty and has nothing nice to say in front of people. Teresa is just a fool and is a street person. She pretends to be generous yet she is selfish.


You two think you are that clever. Bustards.

Terrel and his friend

You fool look here we can kill you right now.

This Chiron to move a step back.
Chiron goes by and visits the beach later sit on the sand. Kevin joins Chiron moments then, Kelvin shares a blunt with Chiron.

In the future, I wish to have a large warehouse where I can be operating my business from Immediately I finish my studies wish to employ people to be working on my agriculture project that is planning.


In my life what am dreaming off is to have a beautiful field that is full of horses. I want to run the ranch on my own. Later I would build a beautiful house.

Later the two eventually get close enough to each other and start kissing. Chiron is given a handjob by Kevin.

At school, Chiron tries to sit next to Kevin during lunch period before Terrel sits next to him. Terrel

My grandfather used to be good at Knocked Down, Stay down. (Terrel attempts to find somebody for Kevin to knock down. Terrel picks Chiron and pressures Kevin into beating him. Kevin unwillingly strikes Chiron a few times in the face.)

Hey, you Chiron stay there down and don’t move.

Chiron attempts to get up, leading to Terrel and his friends to start stamping him out.

Social worker

Hey, there how have made this mess to you. Can you identify the attackers buy their names?


The attackers were Terrel and his friends.

The next day, Chiron walks into the classroom immediately and grab a chair and smashes it over to Terrel’s back, hence knocking Terrel to the ground. A teacher and other students prevent Chiron from getting more hits in Terrels back. The police later arrest Chiron, and Kevin sees how the cops drag Chiron away with them in the car.

PART 3 Black
The movie jumps about ten years later. Chiron (now played by Trevante Rhodes) lives in Atlanta after a spell in juvie and is now pushing drugs for a living. Chiron lives alone in a small house and is meaningfully more bulked up than in his childhood. One evening, Chiron receives an unexpected phone call from Kevin (now played by Andre Holland), who acquired Chiron’s digit from Teresa.

Kevin ( Andre Holland)

I am sorry for what I did and what happened back in school.


Is silent and sheds a slit.


Currently, am working as a cook in Miami and you are welcomed for dinner.

Chiron stops by and sees his mother, on his way to Florida. Paula regrets how she mishandled Chiron while a child and letting her become a drug addict.


I genuinely love you Chiron, and you can fail to love me back.


You are forgiven, Paula.

Chiron arrives in Miami for dinner. Kevin is astonished to perceive Chiron sat at the front counter. Chiron is prepared a special meal by Kelvin, which is a Cuban bowl. He brings some wine over for them to drink. Chiron still has nothing to say, but Chiron and Kelvin eventually engage in conversation.


I have a son who goes by the name Kevin Jr. Her mother is called Samantha, who was wedded to.


Are you both still down?


No (pointing) like that other man. Though both of us had some money in our accounts of Kevin Jr.


I am drug peddler.




That is how the situation is


No that’s not how it is supposed to be (disagrees).

Kevin brings Chiron to his room for the night.


I never thought I would have a family and a job one day.


You know I have never slept with anyone else apart from you.

The two sit on the bed with Chiron head on Kevin’s shoulder.

The film ends with a shot of Chiron as a child standing alone on the beach.

The camera angles in the film are used to show the emotion and meaning of the character in a play. Other techniques like lighting are applied to explain the feeling of the casts and set the mood for the film shot. The songs played to show the atmosphere of the scene. The sound that plays in most audiovisual usually presents the action of the play. Voice of the character can be seen through the kind of music played and the sound of objects. In most cases, they are invisible from the story space.


Whitfield, S. (2007). Magnolias without Moonlight: The American South from Regional Confederacy to National Integration (review). Southern Cultures13(1), 107-109.




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