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Maersk Group Case Study

Strategic Human Resource Planning

It relates the planning of human resources to the strategic plan of the organization. The purpose is that human resource activities act towards the advancement of the organization’s strategy. It is vital to link the organizational strategy with human resource planning at the stages of the formulation of the corporate strategic plan and its implementation.

Human resources are the most valuable assets of any organization. Therefore, the formulation of the organizational strategy should be performed with the feasibility of the human capital levels at the time in mind. However, human resources are usually not included in the processes of strategic decision-making. It can hurt the practical achievement of the strategic objectives. Human resources should be involved in the planning processes for the following reasons.

Selection and Staffing

Human resources are responsible for working towards the achievement of the set goals. Therefore, it is imperative to select and hire adequate people for the job. The human resource staff can only make efficient decisions if they have the required knowledge of the direction of the organization. This knowledge would help them realize the potential conflicts between the company’s desires and the reality of those desires.

Organizational Development

The result of strategic planning is often translated into specific workplace changes. The human resource staff is the one that has the complete knowledge of the changes occurring throughout the organization. Hence, they have the ability to fully comprehend the impacts of the changes on the processes and the systems.

Training and Development

According to research, merely 20 percent of the entire workers possess the required skills to cater to the challenges of the future. Thus, development and training should be implemented to groom their capabilities to allow the process of strategic growth. In the same way, as stated above, the human resource department is responsible for identifying the persons requiring training according to their specific skills.

Impact of Global Conditions

In the case of the Maersk Group, one of the leading issues with human resource management was that numerous people were fired, as noted by the fact that 63 employees were fired from a single department. Such measures result in scaring off potential employees and make it difficult for the human resource department to achieve the goal of attractiveness. Furthermore, the global conditions led the Department of Development to ignore the trainees and pay exclusive attention to the experienced workforce. It was not the right decision on their part, as it omitted the development and training process that is crucial for human resource management.



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