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Lauryn Hill Motives And Thoughts Analysis

One of the fundamental premises of the poem “Motives and Thoughts’ is about how a comparison can be carried out between artificial intelligence and natural intelligence. The verse talks about how artificial intelligence is something that is being forced upon us more or less. The key premise of the poem is to make sure that how the people who used to have the right to think and make decisions on their behalf have been taken away from them.

The Motives part of the poem talks about the capitalist system that one gets to see these days. The ideology is that one should stay ahead of the curve at any cost, no matter what the overall social cost of the action that is taken by the individual is. When that competitive streak is witnessed in society, most of the people who are in the top positions are the ones who benefit the most from the whole situation. Within the stanzas of the poem, you see lines such as Devil’s Technology, Strategy for Human Mythologies, Urban Folklore Sick of Psychology, Counterfeit Cure Wicked Theology, and Robbing the Poor. The other thing that can be seen during the line is how they talk about the inevitable crash that is going to happen between good and evil. At the same time, how is the clash going to happen between the privileged and the non-privileged sections of society if the same competitive culture that society is trying to inculcate continues to happen? In the future, there is the likelihood that people who do not belong to a privileged background will feel left out, and they will start questioning the judgment of the people who are running the society in the first place. This inevitable clash is also one of the key points of the poem.

There are many lines during the course of the narrative of the poem that talk about the inevitable clash that goes between good and evil. At the same time, how the system of greed and righteousness is supposed to work out. The great thing that some of the lines of the poem show how the cause and the effect are going to work out and what are some of the elements that take into account this whole metaphor of being part of the system and how the people work in the confine of that system most of the times. The lines also show the relationship that exists between the motives and the thoughts of the people within the context of society most of the time. For instance, what are some of the forced thoughts that come into the minds of the people, and what are some of the wicked goals that they are supposed to be following? Furthermore, what is the depiction of the attached evil and the thought process of the people in the given time period? It is one of Hill’s remarkable qualities, and one can see how the use of metaphor and imagery is carried out during the course of the poem’s narrative.

In the context of the broader theme that it seems to explore within society, another major thing that can be seen from the poem is how there are certain elements of the world in which we are living that are not visible to us. In this day and age, knowledge itself has become a huge burden for people with the passage of time and how they are going to be making use of that knowledge.

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