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Larry verses Lockney-an Ecological Perspective

Ecological perspective means an ecological science concept that involves organisms and their environmental interaction study. It shows the relationship of an individual to the environment. The ecological theory in humans recognizes five ecological mapping. These ecological mappings include the Micro-system, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macro-system as well as Chrono-system. In the film Larry versus Lockney, Larry is one of the characters. Larry who resides in Lockney town, west Texas. Larry, a 3rd generation farmer, believed that the tasting done in his son school is a degradation of the Fourth Amendment rights. As a result, Larry sued the school to overturn this policy. In this battle, Larry was the talk of the town from every communication media; he lost his job as well as his family received threats (Larry v. Lockney POV). In this paper, I will discuss an ecological perspective in the film Larry versus Lockney of Larry’s life and an ecological paradigm use importance.

I will start with Larry’s Eco mapping before the conflict with the school board. Ecological mapping involves a presentation showing the systems involved in the life of an individual. This ecological map involves five systems that are Micro-system, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macro-system as well as Chrono-system. In the film Larry versus Lockney, Larry is at the center. Beside Larry is the microsystem such as their family including his son of 12 years called Brady. Second to this microsystem is the Meso-system, where Larry has a relationship with his job, and the school among other settings. Third, Larry has a connection with the social setting. For example, Larry is a farmer who interacts with other people in his work. Forth, macro system, Larry lives in a setting made of laws (Larry v. Lockney POV). Therefore, Larry understands the laws and rights of his son. Finally, the chronosystem, Larry is involved in an environmental change of events, he was a third-generation farmer farming cotton. Therefore, the ecological mapping Larry, in the film Larry versus Lockney, involved all five systems.

However, Larry’s ecological map changed after the conflict with the school board over the drug-testing policy.  When Larry realized that Lockney Independent School District had introduced the drug-testing policy, he did not sign a consent form. Larry argued that this drug-testing policy was constitutional and was exploiting his son’s rights. In the whole of Lockney town, he was the only parent objecting to this drug-testing policy. This case shows that social support was not involved in this case. At the same time, after the school dropped the in-school suspension he continued seeking legal justice creating enmity with the school and even losing his job, and the family received threats (Larry v. Lockney POV) Therefore, the ecological map of Larry changed after the conflict over drug-testing policy.

After settling the lawsuit, the relationship between Larry and the other people in Lockney returned to good. After the judge declared the drug-testing policy unconstitutional, the test became a voluntary exercise. The parents got the chance of choosing whether their children must take the test. As a result, individual liberties, as well as the maintenance of public security, were achieved. Larry’s choice resulted in a great gain to society, and other individuals enjoyed it is privileges (Larry v. Lockney POV).

Finally, the ecological paradigm is important in evaluating people in the social context. The ecological paradigm provides the general framework used in understanding people’s nature relations with their social-cultural as well as physical surroundings or environment (Larry v. Lockney POV).

In conclusion, in the film Larry versus Lockney, Larry’s life show an ecological map that changes after his conflict over the drug-testing policy, which violated his son’s rights. However, after the judge settled the lawsuit he won, and the whole of society benefited from it. Therefore, the ecological paradigm is important in understanding people’s social life.

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