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Juvenile Delinquency in the U.S


Juvenile delinquency represents the constant process of being involved in criminal activities, mainly concerning a young person, falling within the age limit which is eligible for the standard criminal prosecution process. Juvenile delinquency persists in society in different forms; it can also be associated with children that are found to be misconduct and have weaker parental control, in this regard, is to be blamed for it. Although a chief issue with juvenile delinquency can be seen in the present society, where most of the youth groups have been affected by it, in different ways.


Poverty and Crime

Juvenile delinquency can be seen as stemming from significant issues in the United States currently. Among the major contributors to this negative impact on society, poverty has been a significant factor influencing youth to take on delinquent behavior at a young age to prevail (Hinton, 2016). Currently, America has been victimized by a rising trend in poverty. The impact has mostly affected the children since children from up to 15.3 percent that have been living in households have become targeted by it. Most of the children in this dominating percentage are from underclass households in poor neighborhoods. Ever since poverty figures have increased, it has become the United States’ primary concern. The impact of poverty despite having affected the children have affected youth groups as well, which could have been groomed to provide a positive contribution to society. One of the upcoming underlying issues that lead youth to become delinquents and involved in criminal activities is lack of food, shelter, living conditions, and parental guidance (Kneebone & Nadeau, 2015). The growing delinquency has been researched for many years, and the core issue of this concern has been linked to common elements in society such as unemployment, higher pregnancy rates among teenagers, unavailability of proper youth programs, and lack of a formal way of conducting community networks to help avoid any possibilities of crime rising in society.

Methods to Reduce Crime

The realization of the elements that propagate reasons for delinquency in society can be prevented at an early stage if proper techniques are utilized and implemented. Over the years there have been several programs that have been designed to support youth groups, in an attempt to help them before they submit to a life of delinquency. Juvenile criminal justice dictates several laws that are aimed at assisting children by educating them about the harmful effects of adopting a criminal life, and the impacts of it at a later stage in life. Awareness should be spread regarding this issue so that support systems can help the poverty-stricken youth before they involve themselves in any criminal activities.


From the above discussion, it is evident that juvenile delinquency roots out from numerous issues that permeate the U.S currently. Poverty is one of the major problems that contribute to juvenile delinquency. It can be seen that children and teenagers are the most affected by poverty. Most of the children who are influenced by poverty belong to underclass households. Apprehending the problem and working towards a solution has been the goal of the U.S government. Various programs have been initiated to help overcome the problem of poverty such as the youth support program that has been working toward supporting children. These programs target young children who need to be educated so that they keep away from adopting a criminal lifestyle. The juvenile criminal justice system has implemented laws that aim at helping poverty-stricken youth so that they are provided support at the right time before they indulge in any wrong means of earning.


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