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JP Morgan Company Analysis

Summary and Conclusion

It is evident that JP Morgan has an equal share of strengths, weaknesses, threats as well as opportunities. The company ought to maximize its strengths to capture new markets and retain the current market. On the other hand, it should convert the weaknesses into strengths. For instance, it should induce a better motivational program for the employees to boost their productivity. Also, the top leadership ought to have a better communication procedure that allows employee feedback. The organization should also take advantage of the opportunities presented by the external environment and evade the threats to survive and do well in future.

JP Morgan is a leading and well-known company that is actively involved in financial issues around the world. Customers can rely on it, as well as in developing countries and developing countries to face their customers. Customers can transfer their money from one country to another, following the rules and regulations of their country. It is a strong and effective fiction that works in almost every country, and does not need to worry or go to other countries while working with them. First of all, the firm had major financial difficulties in terms of the uncertainty in the US economy, credit default swaps and the limits imposed by the federal government. Manages the company to consolidate market share as a market leader in mobile banking services by receiving other companies with financial difficulties.


JP Morgan is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Made significant progress in the business through a variety of services to offer. The company currently operates in more than 60 countries, but this is a man who relies heavily on the company and does not change the North American marketplace on the largest of its revenues. Some of the suggestions will help become too dependent on this market and will not reduce the war focused on JP Morgan’s business.

The multiplication of existing products and global expansion. Right now, JP Morgan needs to focus on the war. The company has released a new product called Chase, a private customer. The rich corporate group operates on the West Coast, especially at the University of Washington and South. Rich is trying to attract people whose head is between $ 500,000 and $ 5 million. According to JP Morgan, this criterion is 30,000 people (Portland Business Journal, 2013). Many potential customers are not well served in the marketplace, which is at the centre of the war. In addition, jointly with other companies, it strives to diversify its existing JP Morgan products. Historically, the innovative JP Morgan, but over time. The progress of the competition, however, can be diminished so that these products and services can easily be made to simulate. Due to the great strategy, Chase has been transferred to the forum of communications in the mobile, continuous growth. Think about how the developer’s author protects the interests of shareholders.

JP Morgan has been able to gain a competitive advantage over nearly two years. It is a fast deposit office (San Francisco Business Times, 2012). Third, to explore the time named JP Morgan. He was for that purpose; that is, he is not there for global expansion. How? However, North America has the largest company in terms of business income. Only 72% of JP Morgan’s business is in North America Goldman Sachs, while only 59% of its revenues come from the North American market. Is there more to do to overcome the economic depression in the land that we can grow and develop? Maybe society. In order to achieve global expansion and victory for the first to use the engine, international pitfalls to potential expansion – fears of political, economic and financial management (dese, 2012).

To be a personal choice, JP Morgan shows that it extends its activities around the world to make the company less dependent on the North American market. In-depth studies conducted on signing plans have shown the weakness and investment that constitute the company’s financial problems. Ventures for general strategies and focus on big promises and enhance the value of new business and a modem. They are mainly located in North America. However, this complaint. Take JP Morgan is too dependent on the US market. JP Morgan has already done it elsewhere. However, the activity of war is to be implemented by a successful business with a set of clear and objective goals. Would they like to do business in emerging markets? What? Is the race our priority to the growth of the population? So, look at the positive and negative aspects of doing business in the region for those who want to be in this business and in emerging markets. JP Morgan has enough experience in investment management to not only plan but keep in mind the constraints of spending and, indeed, may be able to be in the economic societies of the catastrophe.

For other competitors in emerging markets, JP Morgan is able to pretend to; However, if you focus on the business of his office and his ideas. Goldman Sachs could create an excellent market to work the “x” so that it can develop a JP Morgan product or service. JP Morgan should distribute the use of the temple in a qualified sense, according to what is said about the global initiative. Before doing so in another country, the community should conduct extensive research to include these meetings, the expected benefits of economic growth, political arguments and demographic issues. JP Morgan dollar billion, the company has been able to benefit from a return to global expansion. The implementation of the war and a loss of global investment and to help maintain the backup to these losses.


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