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Is It A Bad Idea For Ordinary Citizens To Have Guns?

Guns are given to ordinary citizens who have applied for them for the purpose of self-defense. This myth is true since, in most cases, you will find that those who have applied for it may be a target to various criminals who are present in the streets, but the security officers cannot find them (Musa, np). It is also needed with people whose countries are being affected by terrorists, whose aim is to kill and destroy for the purpose of revenge.

I think it’s a bad idea for ordinary citizens to have guns (Giribono, np). This is because not everyone is in a position to apply and be provided with the guns. You will find that individuals having guns may be using them to threaten others or even blackmail. On the other hand, citizens who are not rich find it hard to be provided with a weapon even if their lives are at risk. In most cases, the rich will always have weapons in their homesteads since they are believed to be more important in society. In other cases, most people lost their lives by careless gun usage. This normally occurs when kids find them in the house and trigger the bullet towards anybody around without knowing the consequences.

In my paper, I will discuss the relevance of officers having guns and not ordinary citizens since most of them have had enough training on how to use the tool and when to use it. I will also talk about the introduction of programs that people can use for the sake of self-defense (Leitch np). The programs should educate society on other safer ways to protect themselves without using guns. I will also include the creation of awareness with the introduction of movements, which will ensure that every individual is educated on the dangers of using guns and how to identify individuals having the tools when they are not supposed to.


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