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Internship in a Bank


Part 1

During my internship, I worked for a busy bank as a cashier. My work was to deposit or credit cash for the customers. One day I received an aged customer who had received $500 in her account, and she wanted to withdraw all the money. After a careful look at her account, I realized that the account was dormant. Therefore, the account needed to be activated at $200 (Tumin). Moreover, the money received was a payment from a firm and needed a processing fee of $200. The withdrawal charges amounted to $110 since the account was not registered in the branch I was working in. Therefore, after activation and processing of the payment, there was actually nothing to withdraw. I wanted to process the activation and the fee for free so that the veteran could have some cash to withdraw. After consulting my branch manager, he was furious and said that I have to comply with the terms and conditions of the bank. I had a tough time trying to convince the old lady that the bank charges have consumed all her money. I felt a lot of guilt as well as a lack of confidence. It would be demotivating to convince someone to keep on doing such transactions whereas the customers are always complaining.

Part 2

Nowadays, almost every work requires a computer, and the internet is widely used in businesses. Social media is widely used for business communication as well as marketing strategies. During my working experience in the banking sector, one of the employees was quoted on the bank’s Facebook wall as arrogant. The customer complained about the way the employee was rude and treated him disrespectfully. The operation manager and the communication and marketing managers had to summon the employee. Moreover, they planned for a meeting between the corporate customer and the employee whereby the employee was demanded to apologize to the customer. The conflict was solved well since the matter was critical and demanded an action that would restore the confidence of the customer.

Work Cited

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