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Influence Of Fairy Tales On Children’s Behavior

Childhood orientation mostly influences the majority of children’s behavior; this depends on the environment in which they are placed. Both boys and girls in preschool have a whole world of fantasy that they live in and a lot of wishes that they ride on. These wishes and fantasy influence their gender role to a large extent (Orenstein, 2007). The stories that they read in children’s books and watch on television give them certain traits. The stories they are told add virtue to them and fence away those bad vices that they have. For instance, the behavior of most girls in preschool is a result of fairy characters like Cinderella, snow white, Ariel, and many other fairies. For boys who are obsessed with power and intellect, the Superman and Tin Tin adventure influences the way they behave (Orenstein, 2006). Both parents play a vital role in making sure that these children ingest the right information when reading this book. Most parents have always encouraged their children to read these books so that they can learn. The behavior of preschool children is primarily influenced by fairy tale books they read and films they watch as they strive to be like them in one way or another.

First of all, a child’s behavior is heavily influenced by their parents’ past life. For instance, most girls’ behavior is controlled by the way their mothers used to be. Those mothers who are obsessed with beauty always ensure that their children have the perfect dresses and hairstyles that they have wished for in life. Nevertheless, all this may be a result of the fantasy world of Cinderella, who lived, walked, talked, slept, and woke in beauty. So when a child is placed in the right condition, she or he will always be beautiful in everything he says or touches. Parents who take their children to Disney land act as eye-openers to these young girls and encourage them to behave like many of the princes they see there. According to Peggy Orenstein,” Girls now feel that they must not only ‘have it all’ but be it all: Cinderella and Supergirl. Aggressive and agreeable. Smart and stunning.” By this, most mothers want their children to grow up tidy, beautiful, and intelligent, just like the super girls they want them to be.

Secondly,’ the princess’ character has influenced the self-esteem of most girls in various ways. Most girls who read this super girl always wanted to be like them in one way or another. For instance, the way they behave, their hairstyle, and the way they talk may breed a sense of confidence in them. Others who do not want to be like them in the trend feel like they are outcasts, and others avoid them. This ‘princess’ character is what most preschool girls want mostly to be associated with as they do not want to share with other children. This behavior also affects these girls up to the time they reach college. For instance, Ariel’s character influences most girls to be as slim as Ariel and be good swimmers (Holbrook, 2016). However, those who are chubby and read Ariel’s story gain low self-esteem because they are not thin. People with self-esteem issues have found it hard to come to terms with these characters as they have not got the best reviews for themselves. All this encourages them to create their comfort zones away from these princesses’ characters. But those who have been getting the best reviews have got themselves in many people’s hearts as it influences their outward and inside appearance that radiates all. Just like Cinderella, you will shine in everything you do and touch. Also, Tiana, the black princess, has encouraged those young black girls who do not want to associate with Cinderella to gain confidence. As most of the black girls want to associate with her, this acts as a springboard to the little black girls to have the right self-esteem.

Thirdly, the fairy tales also encourage good virtues and rebuke vices that affect child behavior. Most of the preschool children who have come across the stories of snow white and Cinderella learned kindness, forbearance, and humility from the princesses. To most children, any person who does not treat another with compassion sees him or her as uncouth, savage, and one who does not belong. So you have to behave in the best manner possible so that when the time for reward comes, you get the best of it. For instance, after Cinderella goes through hell, she becomes victorious as she remains humble and kind to all who treat her badly. She was rewarded eventually by marrying the prince. Snow White also paid by marrying Prince Charming. When most children learn about this, their behavior changes for the better, making it right for them.

Lastly, most Disney fairy stories have encouraged femininity in many girls. This story has given most young girls a voice that was denied to them by society, as they have aired the voices of most of the girls. Girls nowadays can be seen as relevant people just like men. Cinderella and snow white are known as a symbol of encouragement to many young women. This fairy tale is a role model to young girls because they are the ones who influence the way most women think, dress, talk, and behave. A lot of young girls s always strive to be like them as they are the one every one of them is looking up to as muse. Every woman who has read or even watched them sees them as an idle model woman who every woman would like to be. The dominance of this story encourages the women to stand up even in a difficult time because most of the women give up quickly and do not persist. But Cinderella and snow white encourage a lot of women to rise to the occasion every time they are down. Also, these fairy tales promote a woman to have a strong identity as a woman. It also urges the beauty of a woman in every aspect. According to Peggy Orenstein, “the idea of all girls should aspire to the throne” should be supported so that every woman can have a voice that can roar at any time. All women, young and old, have always got the best out of this fairy character as they perceive them as a goddess and a source of the feminist movement that fights for their rights. With the emergence of this story, women have grown to be strong and unrelenting people who never back off.

In conclusion, the consumption of these fairy tales has had a lot of positive effects on the majority of children. It has encouraged and shaped the behavior of every little girl and woman at the same time, as the devoiced voice is free for the world to hear. The virtues that are vital to women have reinforced a lot of respect for women in society. The princesses of Disney land have brought a lot of good to children as they are a symbol of a strong personality that encourages them to have a strong identity.


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