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Impact of New Marketing Realities on Coach’s Marketing Strategy

The external environment or the growing new marketing realities immensely impact the specific market strategy, as in Coach’s case. Coach is a well-known brand of accessories that has been established in the United States of America and the international market. It is immensely crucial for the Coach to formulate its marketing strategy by critically considering the macroeconomic facet of the potential market. It is evident that the changing paradigm of the luxury industry of accessories comes up with different social and cultural considerations in the market. Coach effectively addresses the issue of struggling brands due to tumbling sales, which ultimately decreases the market share of the organization (Soni, 2015). Coach overcame this particular issue by considering the importance of the evaluation of the changing market need and focusing on the quality of its product more than quantity.

Appropriate Marketing Research to Investigate Consumer Perception

It is vital for the Coach organization to assess consumers’ perceptions of the brand with the help of proper and effective marketing research. Coach adopts different proactive approaches to observe the thorough market scenario by concerning the consumers’ demand and the particular perception about the brands and products offered by the Coach in the market. Different research tools are applied to get necessary information concerning the demand of the customers from the Coach organization (Beer, 2011). This particular feature considers the element of the demand for luxury products for the middle class of society. The features of mall intercept, focus groups, and online feedback from the customers can be effective strategies for the organization to use particular consumer perceptions for the enhancement of the product.

The article relates to the Coach Mini-Case.

It is observed that Coach’s organization adopted an extensive market plan to overcome the decrease in profit and market share. It is crucial to evaluate the transformation plan in the case of the Coach to make inferences about its effectiveness. There was the need for an alternative market plan due to its wide range of products, which can be characterized as luxury products (“Is Coach’s Transformation Plan Working?” 2016). The company Coach adopted a new market plan by initiating a new product line for its customers, which was a blend of the leather heritage to the new trends. The strategy of market mix helps the organization to change the traditional facet of the marketing trend.


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