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Immunization Requirements to attend Texas Schools and the intervention of the parents

The discussion about the vaccination of girls with the human papillomavirus vaccine came about after the Scottish health authorities announced in the summer that they felt it was necessary to vaccinate the 9-year-old girls without fail. However, as a result of the intervention of the parents, radical changes were made to this plan. Nevertheless, recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry ordered to vaccinate girls aged 11-12 years.

Until September 2008 in Texas, all girls who reached this age should be vaccinated with Gardasil, the only vaccine currently available for human papillomavirus HPV manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Merck. After last year’s government sanctioned the use of Gardosil, this pharmaceutical company itself conducted lobbying to introduce mandatory vaccinations throughout the country. The government advisory group recommended that all girls aged 11-12 years be vaccinated before they become sexually active. Currently, 18 states are discussing this recommendation, but Texas is the first state that has begun to implement it practically.

“This policy of compulsory vaccination is a big victory for Merck, one of the richest corporations in the World. However, it also resulted in unreasonable damage to the health of young girls and the right to be healthy at all, “explains Mike Adams, author of Natural Health Solutions,” This push of the vaccine is such an obvious trick of the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) profit, that I am amazed that someone else is buying its products, “he continues.

The position of the Texas governor in relation to the HPV vaccine is the same as the requirement for mandatory vaccination of children with the poliomyelitis vaccine. Dr. Louis Cooper, former president of the American Pediatric Academy, supported this view in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, stressing that the vaccines created to prevent the disease from polio, measles, mumps and rubella did not significantly affect the statistics of these diseases after the states have vaccinated with these vaccines mandatory.

Those who support Peri’s suggestion argue that Gardasil is a saving tool, emphasizing that most insurance companies pay for it. Another fact they refer to is that cervical cancer kills every year 3,700 American women, and, in addition, no serious side effects of the vaccine have been found in its use so far.

Those Texan parents who, for religious or philosophical reasons, do not want to vaccinate their children, can refuse vaccination by filling in and signing a special form – a vaccine exemption affidavit form (written affidavit). However, many opponents believe that this in no way removes the obstacles for parents who want to make their own decisions regarding the vaccination of their children.

There are more than 100 different types of human papillomavirus (HPV), which are usually easily cured. Approximately 30 types of HPV are sexually transmitted and according to the American Society of Clinical Studies ( American Society for Clinical Investigation ), it is the direct cause of approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases. The fact that the virus is sexually transmitted is the only reason why many object to mandatory vaccination.

To show the maximum effect, the vaccine should be applied before the first sexual experience of the girl. This gives reason to cautious opponents to argue that vaccination, which is done at a young age, is tantamount to allowing for early sex. Other opponents believe that compulsory vaccinations are a case of flagrant violation of the rights of parents.

“This is a public insult to the freedom of Americans and a form of medical enslavement by a system of government that is increasingly being mastered and operated by powerful corporations,” says Mike Adams. “Undoubtedly, this is not a question of health care. It’s about exploiting the bodies of little girls in the name of dirty corporate profits.”

Gardasil is sold at a price of $ 360 for the dose needed for vaccination. This means the company will receive billions of dollars if mandatory vaccination is carried out nationwide. Most of the money the company invests to achieve this goal is focused on the women’s protection group “Women in the Government”, formed by women members of the legislature throughout the country.

According to the Associated Press, Rick Perry has connections with Merck and the Women in Government group. In particular, the former head of his administration, Mike Toomey (Mike Toomey) is a member of the lobbying group Merck in the state of Texas. Dianne White Delisi (Republic of Texas – Texas) is the director of the Women in the Government of Texas, as well as the current head of the administration of the Governor of the State of Pic Peiri. In addition, Merck financially supported the governor’s reelection campaign in 2005.

The vaccination plan, similar to that approved by the governor of Texas, was previously proposed by the government of Scotland, and it was meant to vaccinate girls and boys at the age of 9 years. This plan was opposed by parents who considered it unacceptable to vaccinate children at such an early age, and it was not carried out. However, the Scottish administration is still considering the possibility of vaccinating girls 12 years and older. According to information published in the British Medical Journal (June 9, 2007; 334: 1182-1183), three girls died in the US shortly after Gardasil vaccination, and 1637 received serious complications.

Conducting preventive vaccinations or vaccination is the only and most effective way to protect against many serious infectious diseases and prevent serious complications from these diseases. There is no doubt that in the near future, vaccination will play an ever-increasing role in protecting humanity from infections, providing health to every member of society, and contributing to the development of civilization. In order to protect the health and ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population of Texas, the State Law “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases” was adopted, establishing the legal basis for state policy in the field of immunization of infectious diseases.

Immunization in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations and the vaccination calendar for epidemiological indications is carried out with vaccines of domestic and foreign production, registered and authorized for use in accordance with the established procedure and the instructions for their use. Applied vaccines meet international requirements, and pass state control, including those imported from abroad. A state supervision system for producing, storing, transporting, and selling vaccines was established, including controlling their quality. The state guarantees the provision of a modern level of vaccine production. In addition, the vaccine is accompanied by a system for monitoring its safety throughout the entire journey to the patient. Vaccines are used with careful precaution, given their possible intolerance to the body or contraindications. Vaccines, packaged directly into syringes, such as multicomponent vaccines, which reduce the number of injections, are increasingly being introduced.

The state of Texas is convenient to compare with Ukraine. By area, it is slightly larger, and its population is slightly smaller – about 26 million people. The state has two urban agglomerations of millionaires and several large cities with a population of just under one million. The administrative staff is divided into 250 county counties, which roughly corresponds to the number of administrative districts in Ukraine (taking into account the division of regional centres and large cities into districts).

To begin with, we give a few interesting facts:

When choosing a place of residence in a new city, Americans determine the prosperity of the district primarily by the rating of schools. The rating is made according to the results of the final exams and is available on various sites.

Areas, where schools have the highest rating, are the best for living.

Education spending is the state’s largest expense, but despite this, about 19% of its residents do not know how to read. It should be noted that the number of legal and illegal immigrants from Latin America heavily influences this figure.

Of the 5 most “reading” US cities, 3 are in Texas.

Structure of education management in the US

Who influences and defines the policy of the Texas schools:

  • The federal level is the US Department of Education.
  • The state level is the Texas Education Agency.
  • The local level is the school district.
  • Headteacher.

The United States Department of Education (United States Department of Education)

Education, both secondary and higher, is the competence of the states, the rights, and opportunities of the federal government are insignificant. Moreover, the US 200 years have been successfully managed without a ministry created only in 1979.

In its functions, the Ministry of Education of the United States is absolutely different from our ministry. If our ministry regulates a lot, then the American analogue has only three main functions:

Control the observance by schools and local governments of federal laws in the field of education.

Collect and prepare reports on the work of educational institutions and the US education system as a whole.

Distribute and monitor the use of federal funding.

Federal programs (grants)

Having no legal authority to influence the work of schools directly, the ministry uses “gingerbread” in the form of grants to guide the learning process in the right direction.

The conditions for obtaining grants and requirements for organizations that can qualify for their receipt are published on the Ministry of Education’s website.

For example, if there is a task to improve American history teaching quality, the ministry is developing an advanced training program for teachers teaching this subject.

Local education administrations (states, counties, etc.) can participate in the program. The budget of the program is $ 120 million, and the size of the grant is $ 900,000. The ministry monitors compliance with requirements: if in 2009 the grant received 123 organizations, in 2010 – only 12.

Grants can be received not only by educational organizations. For example, if the federal government is concerned about the level of crime and drug use among Hawaiian indigenous people, the ministry is setting up a special program: “A program for indigenous Hawaiians. ”

Organizations that represent local residents can participate in the struggle for a grant; the program’s total budget in 2009 was about $ 600 thousand, and funding for one grant was in the range of $ 200 – $ 300 thousand.

Grants are the main tool by which the federal government can actively influence secondary education. The complete list of programs is extensive and includes many directions.

Federal Legislation

At the federal level, only the following aspects of the education system are legally regulated:

The rights of parents and students (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Rights of disabled people and people with disabilities (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

Principles of education and the procedure for funding schools (grants) from the federal government (No Child Left Behind / Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

The Ministry can only specify the boundaries (the rights of parents, and students), which are required to comply with all states.

The main instrument of influence of the federal government is a system of additional financing through the system of grants, which greatly help local education authorities’ budgets.

Children are immunised in vaccine rooms of the city (district) children’s polyclinics, preschool institutions they attend, and schoolchildren in schools. Adults are vaccinated at the workplace in the medical stations of factories and factories or inoculations of polyclinics at the place of residence, and in rural areas – in specially deployed vaccination points. Before vaccination, the doctor must inspect all vaccinations to identify contraindications and measure the body temperature. Vaccinations are carried out by medical personnel with training and admission to vaccination. Conducting preventive vaccinations requires strict adherence to aseptic and antiseptic rules to prevent purulent-inflammatory complications. After the preventive vaccination by the medical personnel, the reaction of the vaccinated to vaccination is checked in a timely manner and all possible deviations in the state of health are monitored. In all clinics, vaccination cards are kept for registration of preventive vaccinations, which consists of separate cards for the registration of preventive vaccinations for children and adults, in addition, vaccination certificates must be issued to all those who received vaccinations.



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