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Immigration System in the United States


The United State faces national issues such as immigration. There is about 42 million both illegal and illegal immigrant living in the U.S. according to the Census Bureau Data. Illegal migration refers to a situation where an individual gain entry into the United States without legal documents such as passport and visa or if a person has overstayed in the country more than the legally required time. There is three major reason that attracts people to another country. The first one is political factors. Many people move to the United States because of the political stability. Also, the democratic rights have attracted many people to the U.S. second reason is the cultural factor. Many people are attracted to the US because of diversity in culture as sports and entertainment. The last aspect that attracts people to the U.S is the economic factor. Many people believe the United States has many job opportunities, so they tend to use any possible mean to be that country. Immigration in the United States started before World War II and had become a major problem to the US government. The government have invested billions of money to stop immigration. However, the challenge persist in the US. The three arms of the government must work together to stop illegal immigration. The paper aims to illustrate immigration as a major issue facing the United States.

Strengthen Border Security

The federal government of the United States has enhanced national security due to the increase of illegal migrants’ population and events of 9/11. President Bush signed a law that requires 652 miles of the wall to be constructed along the U.S border. Approximate 651 miles of the wall was ready before 2012. During President Obama regime, he stated that the security in the USA border has been strengthening. Conversely, the security of the U.S is still porous due to the increased number of illegal individuals crossing the border. Despite a 2000 mile wall constructed between the United States and Mexico border, the illegal migration has never ended. The American citizen is required to meet the cost of maintaining through paying high tax. The project itself cost billions of the U.S dollar.

Strengthen Interior Enforcement

The local and federal government must unite to strengthen the internal law enforcement to reduce illegal migration. In 1996, the executive passed a bill called the Immigrant Responsibility Act that authorized both the local and state law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain illegal aliens. However, there is a voluntary program that requires the participation of the local and state law officials if they are interested in participating in the immigration enforcement. Since 1996, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Act has only trained 1,800 police officers. Resolving of the current issue of an immigrant in the U.S is impossible due to limited resources. The possible solution to eradicate the immigrant issue is through increasing the law enforcement personnel and mandate the entities in state and law enforcement to work hand in hand with the Immigrant and Customs Enforcement agency.

Improvement of the Legal Immigration System

Most of the illegal migrant in the United States use forged legal document such as visas and passports to gain entry. Some of the immigrants that have entered the United States legal, they don’t leave the country when their visa expires hence they are also called Illegal aliens. The executive should pass a bill that requires a frequent update of the system that can be used to identify individuals with an expired visa. The government should incur additional cost in hiring more people as well purchasing of the new technology to combat illegal aliens. Furthermore, verification of the employment, background check, and interview are the example of the stricter immigration rule that should implement in the United States. Contemporary research has indicated that appropriate measure to reduce illegal immigrant should include a better visa programs. The United State Congress has placed more emphasis on implementing appropriate techniques that will address legal immigration system flaw.

Mandate E-Verify.

The federal government of the United States has a program in the internet called E-verify that is used to determine the eligibility of a person to work in the U.S. The program is managed by the Social Security Admiration and the Homeland Security Department. However, some states in the United States do not use the E-verify program. Furthermore, studies indicate only nine company out of 5000 uses the E-discovery program. The illegal migrant will be forced out of the United States territory if all the company start using the E-verify programs since the illegal aliens will not get employed. The federal courts should impose tough penalties and fines on the employers that do not use the E-verify programs.

Legalization of the illegal aliens after undergoing criminal record evaluation

Approximate 11 million illegal migrants were allowed to have the United State Citizenship after President Obama mandated the Immigration Department to register them. Each criminal record was evaluated before being allowed to be the U.S citizen. However, some individuals opposed the president during that time. Some people argue on the ground that many illegal aliens will be attracted to the United States due to the president move. However, the solution aimed to boost the U.S. economy since many of the illegal aliens will come to light and start contributing to the economy through paying taxes. Furthermore, there will be an increase in cultural mix benefits, new truce, and increased workforce. This approach will enable the government to establish the number of the illegal aliens in the country and used their information to combat illegal immigration.



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