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IKEA Ad Planner Essay

What is the product:

IKEA Chicago is a Swedish based contemporary home furnishing firm that plans to open one of its stores in Chicago City in October 2019.

What is it made of:

In the City of Chicago, IKEA products will be made of high quality particleboard-based woods. Additionally, a 400-seat restaurant will be created for the customers and clients to enjoy some Swedish specialties such as lingo berries, salmon, and meatballs.

Who made it:

The Chicago IKEA products will be designed from specialist engineers either locally or abroad as per the parent company provisions. Similarly, IKEA is anticipating to employ approximately 500 well-qualified employees who will work in the new Chicago store.

Purpose of the Product:

The purpose of this products is to furnish homes either newly built or refurbished house. IKEA Chicago will offer a wide range of home furnishing products such as wardrobes, dining tables, and chairs, beds, curtain accessories among others to its target customers.

Target Audience:

The target audience for the new IKEA Chicago store will be customers residing around CTA’s Roosevelt Road station since the store will be located just a quarter a mile west of the road station. The company anticipates serving over 2 million customers in this target location. IKEA product will offer them affordable and high-quality home furnishing products that will complement the local outlets located in Schaumburg and Bolingbrook. Forbes has ranked IKEA as being among the top 50 world’s most valuable brands.

Direct and Indirect Competitors:

IKEA direct competitors include American Furniture Warehouse and Ashley Furniture. The main indirect competitor to the firm is Walmart which also sells home furnishing products.

The goal of direct of IKEA’s direct communication to consumers via social media is to actively engage them about new products in the line and some bit of social engagement. In advertising channels, IKEA’s goal is to promote the company and its product to the target audience and building their brand.

IKEA’s Main and Secondary Messages:

IKEA’s main message is to explain what they offer to their consumers (IKEA, 2016). Their secondary message is to communicate any available job opportunities that local customers or people can apply for at any given IKEA store.

Ad/Social Content for IKEA Chicago

  1. A nice side table is a perfect complement to your furniture, and we know what will work best for you. Visit our Chicago store now and choose from our amazing collection
  1. Isn’t it amazing? Visit our outlet today for the amazing coffee table by IKEA since a good coffee table is what makes your lounge look amazing.
  1. Why waste that corner space in your room! Our corner table will give you an amazing workplace in your tight room by using this corner space. Grab yours today at IKEA.
  1. IKEA is redefining furniture for your home with our extendable dining table. You can now cater extra people when needed, and when you are done, you can have more space for your room by closing the extensions.
  1. No need to waste time in finding any bookshelves when you need it. Visit our IKEA Chicago outlet and select from our wide range of bookshelves that will keep your books organized.


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