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The Perfect Fit ft. Chris Pratt | Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl

Michelob ULTRA has made a very classical and attention-grabbing technique to create their advertisement for the Super Bowl, featuring Chris Pratt who is well-known for his looks and a good sense of humor. The young star is popular among the younger generation for his candid nature and real personality, which is relatable for most Americans i.e. the target audience of Michelob ULTRA.
The advertisement begins with Chris playing himself and being excited about the job he got to be the spokesperson for the famous brand, which shows his love for the beer by Michelob ULTRA. He works hard to achieve the perfect body and try all kinds of techniques to promote the brand he will star in soon. He tags it as method acting. All of this shows the funny approach towards the marketing.
Additionally, the show the significance of the brand and leaves an impression on the audience that Michelob ULTRA is a big brand that even excites people like Chris Pratt. The brand of beer is shown as a big deal and something that has a high status. The audience perceives that Michelob ULTRA beer is an established brand with a high reputation which is a sign of high class.

Official Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | The Road

Jeep always portrays their cars as off-road experts that have the capabilities to handle all kinds of obstacles found on a rough underdeveloped road. It has focused on its signature of off-road cars that are able to perform best in all kinds of situations.
The advertisement has maintained a calm tone describing the stability and boredom of perfect, developed and smooth roads that are created by other people. The theme of the ad is that there is no adventure on modern roads created by someone else. It strikes the audience to seek new opportunities off-road places where they can create their own way and enjoy the thrilling adventure of wild tracks.
Jeep targets its niche of adventure lovers who are attracted by the approach of this advertisement towards the boredom of predictable smooth roads. Jeep’s new model is shown driving into a stream in the woods with rough conditions for an average car of any other brands that aren’t durable for off-road explorations.
The brand has been criticized for driving into a natural stream causing damage to the living creatures in it, as well as, encouraging such activities that damage the environment.

Empty Streets | Game Day | Dodge

The brand of high horsepower cars, Dodge, has made a unique and experimental approach to its marketing campaign for the Super Bowl. The ad grabs the attention of its audience with the discussion of Super Bowl and the power of the game in uniting the whole nation.
It describes the situation around the time of the game of super bowl and its magic of making people sit in front of their television screens in their houses or restaurants or clubs leaving the roads empty. That is when they talk about the benefits of empty roads and how their cars are most thrilling to drive around, race and drift in.

The ad shifts its focus from Super Bowl to the empty streets and the magic that is performed on these roads in the absence of anyone to disrupt the beautiful activity of racing and drifting for car lovers.
Dodge focuses on its niche with the unique approach towards Super Bowl. It depicts its audience and target customers as the people who are different and drive on the roads instead of watching the game like everyone else.



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