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Human-Tiger Conflict In Context

In recent days, there has been a considerable hue and cry about the extinction of the last male rhino. But there is another species that is on the verge of extinction, which is Tigers. Bangladesh was one of the reasons where tigers were in abundance, but in recent days, due to increased human activity and the rising sea level, their days seem to be numbered. The article “Sea Level Rise and Tigers” predicted this a considerable time ago. The article talks about how the rising sea level is a serious threat to their existence and what needs to be done to make sure that the element of control can be brought to the whole situation. The article also talks about the methods that are used to track and the implementation of the sub-meter digital elevation model and the way it works out at the given time period.

The article sheds light on one of the major issues that people are facing these days and how unaware they are of its total extinction. The article goes to show what sort of threat the environment, in general, is facing at the moment. The article points out the fact that how the amount of heat that one gets to see in the environment is increasing, and due to that, the animals are losing their habitat. As these animals are losing their habitat, there is the likelihood that the world is going to be witnessing the loss of a major species, pretty much like was the case with the white Rhino. The important consideration regarding this article is how environmental factors are impacting almost all the inhabitants of the planet at the global level. It has to be noted that it is not merely the increase in the sea levels that has made the life of the tigers much harder; instead, it is taking over the habitat in which they are living. When the sea levels rise, the habitat in which the tigers live is reduced to ruins. This creates problems with regard to their sustainability as well as problems with regard to how they can spend their life. They cannot mate, and they are not able to reproduce; thus, it plays a huge part in the overall reduction of their level. Tigers are one of the few examples of how human activities affect other life on planet Earth.

As my thought process widened, I realized there is a lack of research with regard to a better understanding of this issue and how my knowledge about the subject can be expanded by looking at similar resources that talk about the same thing. The article was interesting to respond to due to the fact that in the past, it was learned about the impact of the Sunderland Mangroves and how the life of the Tiger is affected by them. The reading of another interesting resource ‘The Hungry Tide,” was also helpful in making sure that some sort of perspective is developed with regard to this issue. As far as the learning perspective from this whole exercise is concerned, it provided me with an opportunity to make sure that how I can read about and research the material in the appropriate manner. The other thing that this whole exercise allowed me to do was to make sure that the analysis of the situation was carried out and that I could use the learning resources that I had at my disposal in the appropriate manner in the given time period.



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