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a synopsis of Van Gogh’s paintings’ attributes

Many artists have written on the creased pages of history over the years because of their extraordinary works in the fields of painting, poetry, filmmaking, etc. The artist which I am going to talk about is the prolific Dutch painter Van Gogh. Vincent Willem Van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. He was born in the middle of the nineteenth century, 1853.

He was a post-impressionist painter who is widely regarded as one of the most influential painters in Western art. Although his paintings were unparalleled in terms of beauty and elegance, Van Gogh remained poor his entire life, and he was not highly regarded during his career. It was only after his tragic death that people came to know the importance of his work (van Gogh-Bonger and Gayford).

Van Gogh created over 2000 paintings. He made use of oil in his paintings, producing over 850 oil paintings in the later stages of his life. He made use of dramatic bold and dark colors, and his brushwork, exhibiting impulsive and dramatic expressions, made his paintings stand out from the rest of the painters’ works. Largely, he used oil as the medium for his paintings. Van Gogh’s artwork consists of landscapes, scenery, and figures painted in strong and expressive colors, which exhibit his feelings and emotions ( The stories around Van Gogh circulate that he sometimes employed paints directly from impasto in his paintings. The paintings of Van Gogh were largely in two dimensions.

Van Gogh influenced a number of art movements, and this can be clearly seen in the paintings that were made after his death. The painters that came after Van Gogh was inspired by the way he used to employ colors in his paintings. The members of the expressionism movement were inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings, and they adopted the technique he used in his paintings. During Van Gogh’s lifetime, he constantly fought battles with him. His psychological state was deteriorating, as well as his physical health. It is clear from his paintings, especially the ones he drew at the end of his life, that he used to paint hastily as if he did not have enough time to live. Van Gogh’s technique of using colors to express his emotions and feelings rather than depicting a realistic painting was inspirational.

Van Gogh produced some of the best works in Western art, but his best work is widely considered to be a painting he did in the waning stages of his life in the year 1889. The painting was called ‘Starry Night’. The special aspect of this painting is that it was drawn out of memory ( Van Gogh was not standing in front of a beautiful land or watching the stars as he drew it; it was from memory that he produced one of the finest works of modern art. In the painting, Van Gogh drew a swirling sky that depicted his turbulent state of mind. Van Gogh’s other famous painting was Café Terrace, which was painted in the year of 1888, a year before he painted Starry Night. Café Terrace was painted in Arles, where Van Gogh was staying. It was the same place where Van Gogh cut off his ear. Van Gogh was constantly depressed because he was not gaining the recognition he deserved, and he was living in penury. Café Terrace was one of the very first paintings in Arles, which had a night as a background in the painting.

Van Gogh was largely inspired by the painters who followed the Post-Impressionist and Impressionist movements. He followed the techniques and styles of great painters such as Monet, Gauguin, Bernard, and Pissarro. From their paintings and styles, he continued to add more bright colors to the paintings. The earlier paintings of Van Gogh had more bold and dark colors, but the later paintings had, to some extent, a brighter touch. In the year of 1889, Van Gough painted ‘The Bedroom’. This is the same room where he had stayed in Arles. It looks like a small room with a couple of chairs, a table, and a bed. He employed rather bright colors in this painting. It is a similar type of painting that the Impressionists used to paint. Van Gogh painted this painting to suggest that this is the room where he sometimes finds peace and calm. This painting exhibits calmness. I personally like this painting of his.

Van Gogh’s most famous painting ‘Starry Night’ is the epitome of his work. The painting has dark colors, and the sky seems to be swirling, and there is a bright moonshining. He used oil as a medium in his painting. Van Gogh, in order to add balance to this turbulent painting, which depicts a whirling sky, followed the principles of composition and structure. Van Gogh showed through this painting his tumult state, both physical and mental. This is one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings. One of my all-time favorite paintings is Paul-Ferdinand Gachet, which was painted in his last year, 1890. Van Gogh painted his physician, who had treated him when Van Gogh cut off his own ear. He grew fond of the physician. In this painting, his eyes are the most noticeable aspect, which shows deep sadness, both the physician’s and Van Gogh’s. He wanted to paint one of the most broken and heart-wrenching paintings, and he painted this painting, which shows a man who has succumbed to the slough of despond. Oil was the medium used in this painting. This painting of Van Gogh is the best I consider he has painted in terms of expression and message.

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