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Human Development and Consumerism Culture

The society we live in today has changed and people no longer care about each, instead, people mind their own business. A view of the happenings around the world can make us imagine the kind of society we live in today. Therefore, the question of whether we are human beings or not is either there or here, since nobody has told us that we are human beings. We, being human beings, are in our imagination, and it is just science fiction. The fact remains that civilization has changed the world, and everyone’s perspective about society has also changed. Therefore, the concept of civilization is real and has changed several things since it started with the early man. However, civilization can be defined as human social development and organization, regarded as the most advanced growth. It affects everyone’s life, and therefore, it alters how things are done in society.  It has changed the film industry and brought consumerism culture, love, and beauty.

Looking at the society one can wonder where human beings are going in such a hurry. Civilization has brought several changes to society. Advanced technology such as mobile, computers, and the internet, which have created a revolution in social life, is one of the amazing things that civilization has brought.  It has made it possible to interact with people far away and created a gap in social life. People no longer spend time together and have normal discussions like normal human beings. For instance, fifteen people can be inside a lift and nobody will be bothered to say a word of hi. The parks and beaches where people used to go to have leisure time have turned into private charting rooms and gaming studios. Many people spend time at parks and beaches playing games and reading social media updates instead of having physical talks with friends and relatives. In short, technology has altered the social life of people and created robot beings, and therefore, it cannot be possible to answer whether we are human beings or not.

The society we today are different from previous years, civilization has changed people’s behavior and brought characters which have swept away morals. Morality has been eroded in society, and therefore, nobody has remained to question behaviors.  Some people say that “it has gone to dogs.” A society that was once respectable and driven based on societal norms is no longer living in its “golden age.”  Ladies or women can put on whatever someone wants or likes and disregard any teachings or advice from an elder. Every day, we witness changes in dress codes, with some intending to leave people naked in the name of fashion and beauty.  This is not bad, but some character or behavior usually leaves people questioning the morality of the attendants, and therefore, other people usually associate them with prostitution.

Most of the changes we see in behavior and others result from consumerism culture. Consumerism culture is the tendency to buy because the product is being advertised, even things that one does not need or want. Consumerism culture is built by advertisements on major TV and other marketing channels. It injects a character of urge to own something simply because other people have it and it has been advertised on the media channels for a while. It is also important to note that consumerism negatively affects the society. It builds a society of alcoholism among the underage. Consumerism culture encourages underage to consume alcohol due to the constant advertisement of alcohol on TV, radio, and other channels where underage can access and read. It is clear that advertisements are usually aired at any time without any regulation. Therefore, it is possible that children or underage are the most targeted customers with huge marketing campaigns by the corporation. Therefore, because of civilization, the rate of alcohol abuse among the underage in the society is high.  The United States has been left behind since the U.S. leads in the number of alcohol abuse among the underage in the society. It is now not a secret that civilization nurtures a consumerism culture, which plants alcohol abuse in society.

However, civilization has brought competition for beauty to society. Everyone wants to identify and be unique. Because of advanced technology, celebrities and other senior personalities have tried to change their physical look and even voice to resemble someone else and also to become more beautiful.  It can be as negative human development, however, someone people view it as an opportunity to accomplish ambition. For instance, Michael Jackson later changed his physical look through plastic surgery. Several personalities have done the same without thinking of the long-term effects. Therefore, civilization has allowed people to change their character to become more beautiful or improve their beauty. And because of civilization, an individual can increase the size of butts, breasts, and other body parts. Therefore, civilization has made it possible to get anything in the name of beauty. A tale of a Chinese man who married a beauty pageant thinking that he has married the most beautiful woman until she gave birth to not good looking children. It is, therefore, evidence that with civilization, anything can be done to improve an individual’s physical appearance.

When we grasp what is happening around the world, such as Syria, Somalia, and Libya, we can start to question our humanity. Nobody seems bothered and people seem to be pretending to care while the opposite is true. Several people have died due to heavy machinery or weapons, which makes it impossible to convince someone that civilization has all been for the good of society. The weapons made during the latest civilization are very powerful, and most of them are used in war-torn countries to destroy humanity. For instance, drones, nuclear, and other powerful weapons are all born as a result of civilization. But all are used to destroy humanity, and that is why it is difficult to comprehend humanity or human beings in the context of civilization.  There is a lot of human suffering in society because of a few people who do not care or are bothered. Most sufferings are as a result of civilization because of civilization

The movie “Intelligence” is evidence civilization has changed the world and the way people think and imagine. In the film, a character named Keen has an inbuilt eye sensor and reader that can read people’s minds and reflect almost days earlier to trace and record crimes one has committed. This is a high-tech movie where all characters have unique technological features that can benefit society. The movie brings what has been in society into a movie perspective to allow people to understand the kind of changes that civilization has brought into our lives. However, it is also clear that most current movies are different from early 1990s movies, in which a lot of technology has been brought into practice to add value to connect the film to society. For instance, the film “Intelligence and Americans” indicates a proper distinction between two different and unique generations. Though they were both released in early 2018, the way both films are built, acted, and have ideas make them different. The Americans represent the early 1945 generation before the beginning of the Y generation, while intelligence represents the world of civilization where everything is about technology. Therefore, civilization has brought some of these things to society, and it has been accompanied by some evil that should be avoided. Therefore, the way these movies are showcased clearly defines two worlds apart. The intelligence is very sophisticated in terms of technology, the material used, and even the way the film is staged, and we can simply rate them as before and after civilization. It shows clearly how civilization affects society and everyone’s life every day, and it shall continue in society due to research and development, which is being done every single day.

The changes that we have experienced are enough to show the effect of civilization and its effect on society. We cannot understand certain things because we came to this world and found them to exist the same way, but through readings, it is possible to understand how far we have come, and therefore, we shall appreciate civilization. The justice system has been expanded, and nowadays, there are online or virtual courts meant to provide justice to society. This happens in a number of situations, and more should be expected to happen since civilization entered the justice system late. On the same note, it has made it difficult to persecute cases, since it has made it easy to interfere with evidence so that no case can be prosecuted so that the offended can get justice. Because of this, society has changed, and the rate of crimes has increased, with many people taking murder and robbery as normal and part of society. This is why we experience many bad things like stealing, and it also increases the number of murder cases.

Nevertheless, the issues of civilization and human development are similar and have the same impact on society. Human development is what has altered the world and brought more challenges to society. It is also important to note that we no longer care because of human development or civilization, and people have become so greedy in the name of saving. It is the same reason why we have a few millions and billions of poor people in society. Let us just take a look at a country like India, where many poor people are not allowed to interact with the rich. The rich have created their own society, which they want everyone else to have access to, and, therefore, they are building a permanent barrier in society. It is unfair and was very uncommon during the early days. Though leaders were there, class segregation was never there until the beginning of Western civilization, which definitely came with greed. However, when discussing issues like civilization, humanity human development, morality, and others, we clearly discuss things that affect our daily lives without knowing.  Civilization alteration has not ended, and it is possible in the next generation or years to come, we are likely to see a different change or civilization encompassing human with technology already in society, such as doll sex and other robots to replace human beings in their daily responsibilities. Civilization or human development has been around for a while, and the advancement will continue in different fields because that is what some people undertake daily.



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