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How were insects used in tribes?

Various tribes across the globe used insects as a source of food, art, a source of medicine and instrument of worship (Naswa, 1999). However, in recent times insect are symbols of many ideas specifically in literature. Many fantasy novels and scientific books portray the dangerous characteristics of insect to instill fear (Hogue, 1993). There many fanciful stories and superstition that is meant to give good and bad attributes of insects such as the spider. The use of insect was best developed by the Indians who used to live in North America (Chakravarthy,&Sridhara, 2016). Many Indians living in the Amazon use insects for religious roles, and they were thought to play an essential role as mythic figures or deities. Most of their rituals are carried out using insects, for example, the giant hunting ants were commonly used during puberty’s ceremonies. Similarity among another tribe in Brazil an individual must endure the stings of wasps as a rite of passage. Metallic beetle parts are also used as ornaments by most of the Indians in this region. Other insects like the katydids and crickets are used as pets. Insects were also used as aesthetic like Butterflies since they are the most beautiful creatures, and they come in various colors and patterns which are appealing to human beings. Native Americans are said to remove some parts of insects and attached them to their crafts (Naswa, 1999). Indians also used brightly colored wings of beetles to make earrings. Other tribes like the Egyptian had chosen a scrub and made it their god. Insects used to produce some products like Lac which comes from lac insects. We also have beeswax and Dyes. Other insects like the fruit flies have recently been used in the study of the genetics because of their short lifespan (Naswa, 1999). Some insects possessed some medicinal properties that were used by human beings.


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