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how the problem of gang crimes can be controlled completely in the UK?


Nowadays, in the UK, gang crimes are increasing and are playing a significant role in other criminal activities, such as riots, black market trading, drugs, and other violent activities. The gang crime in the UK is concentrated around the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, and London. The local authorities are trying their best to overcome gang crimes and are introducing several legislations for this purpose, but they have so far failed to curb this social problem (Hollin, 2013). Also, the literature shows that gang crime is the most serious problem among all street crimes, which cause high-profile firearms murders in the UK. This crime has become a major issue for the UK. In 2015, more than 149 criminals were arrested in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and London. Out of these, 118 were involved in gun crimes, and others were linked to drugs, black money, prostitution, and other crimes (the UK, 2016). It is expected that gun crime is increasing due to cultural issues. The conflicts between cultures and societies create an environment where people prefer to hold arms in order to solve their issues. Most of the time, crime rises from home. It is home that makes a person or children’s mind about how to deal with the issues and circumstances. In the UK, the majority of the criminals involved in gang crimes are young children between the ages of 18 and 25. This simply means that crime can only be controlled by strong grooming, for which parental involvement matters the most.

Now, this study will evaluate how the problem of gang crimes can be controlled completely in the UK. It is found that most youngsters are involved in gang-related activities, and they are generally unaware of its implications. This is because most youngsters in the UK face a lack of awareness and education, and thus, they are unable to make decisions without any support or guidance from their parents. This shows that parental involvement may save their children from all evils. In the absence of guidance and support from parents, the children do not understand what is good or bad for them, and so they join gangs and attempt crimes without understanding the outcomes (Morgan, Maguire & Reiner, 2012). Parents should always keep an eye on their children and must guide them whenever they are distracted from the right path. Parents must guide their children to a better lifestyle, help others, understand the facts, make strong and right decisions, and deal with the issues of life. Parental involvement is a must to shape the lifestyle of children. In case children are found in any gang crime activity, then parents must focus on the lifestyle of their children and must play a strong role in bringing the children back to their good lifestyle.

The main issue is that all youngsters are attracted to fame, money, expensive clothes, power, and vehicles, and thus, to achieve these all things, they attempt several illegal activities. The main issue is that gang crimes are increasing due to the lifestyle and behavior of the society of poor people. This means that it is actually society that gives reason to the gang crimes. Moreover, the government is not taking any action to help poor people or maintain one standard in society. Thus, it would be wrong to blame gangs for criminal activities and not the soccer government for creating reasons for crime (Neforurn & Stanko, 2013).

Now, this study will evaluate how parents can help the children to spend their lives in a positive way or how parental involvement may help the children to stay away from gang crimes. For this purpose, the study will focus on the case study methodology. According to this methodology, the data will be collected from primary and secondary sources. The primary source will include scholarly published articles and case studies about parental involvement and gang crimes. Secondary sources will include the already published literature on the internet and peer-reviewed articles. The main focus of the study will be to evaluate how poor people are forced to join gangs and perform criminal activities. The study will examine some renowned gangs that used well-known methods to attempt criminal activities.

Purpose of Study

In the UK, gang crimes are increasing day by day, and it has become essential to control these criminal activities. Government and local authorities have taken several actions and introduced legislation to overcome the issue, but they have failed. Now, different scholars and philosophers are of the view that parental involvement helps children live a better lifestyle, and thus, the study will evaluate how parental involvement may reduce gang crimes. It is observed that big gangs use the youngsters of the UK to sell drugs and illegal mobile phones and supply drugs, including cannabis, crack, cocaine, and heroin (Fuller, 2015). The purpose of this study is to highlight that parental involvement is essential to deal with the gang crime issue in the UK and to evaluate how youngsters are encouraged to join gangs. Simply put, Theto evaluates the social issues related to young people who are involved in criminal activities. In this way, the study will also provide a solution to control criminal activities and will provide information about using parental involvement as a tool to discourage youngsters from gang crime activities.

Significance of Study

This study is of great significance because it helps the individual understand the reason why youth get involved in gang crime activities. This will also help to understand how parents can keep an eye on their children and can impact the choices of youth in joining crime gangs. Crime activities attract youth the most, and thus, they get involved in those activities easily in order to fulfill their wishes. However, parents can play an essential role in controlling the youth’s behavior towards crimes and can interfere in their lives to show them the right lifestyle. The study will help individuals understand parental influence on reducing social crimes among adults and youngsters. Moreover, it will provide answers to why youngsters in the UK join gangs, what attracts them the most, how parents can help the children stay away from criminal activities, and what ethnic backgrounds, psychological issues, and social issues the people who join gangs.

Key Skills and Research Questions

The key skill required to complete this study is to apply a combination of psychological, sociological, and criminological concepts to understand the situation. Moreover, these skills will also help the researcher in using a different perspective to find the solution to this problem by answering many questions related to the research. The questions that this research will attempt to answer are:

  1. Why do youngsters join gangs?
  2. What are the similarities between the profiles of people who join gangs?
  3. What are the factors that attract youngsters to join gangs?
  4. How can parental involvement help discourage youngsters from joining gangs?
  5. What are the theories that best explain youngsters’ inclination towards joining gangs?

The research will find the answer to these questions and will finally propose a solution that may help discourage more young people from joining gangs and encourage those who are already part of one to leave it.

Limitations and Delimitations

The purpose of this study is to evaluate how parental involvement can be used as a tool to control gang crimes in society. However, the study has a few limitations. The main limitation is that the findings of the study rely on the already published case studies, articles, books, and internet-published material. That is why its findings may not be 100% authentic. The second limitation is that the gang crime ratio is different in different countries, so the study findings may not be applicable worldwide. The third limitation is the lack of time and budget, which made it impossible to conduct a survey or approach the authorities. However, to delimit the study, a specific sample population was included, and the findings are valid in the United Kingdom. Moreover, to deal with the issue of lack of time and budget, the already published case studies and literature were used in the research.


During the research, the researcher will use books, journals, articles, newspapers, magazines, and other online and offline sources of secondary data. As identified earlier, the researcher will critically analyze secondary data to achieve the aims of the study and answer the research question. Thus, no first-hand information will be collected. Books, research, and other reliable online sources will be studied for the study. A thorough review of the literature will be conducted, in which reliable books and research journals will be used primarily to build a solid foundation for the study.

Definitions of Terms

Gang Crime: when the crime is attempted by more than two criminals, it is known as a gang crime.

Crime: Any illegal activity which harms society or the people of society.

Parental involvement: When parents get involved with their children to solve any issue, it is known as parental involvement.



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