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How does the Value Accountability system define the process of organizing and structuring a team?

In the team, each is responsible for undertaking as a team member. Therefore, to achieve the team goals and objectives, every member of the team should be accountable for his or her role. It is challenging when some of the members are not responsible for the roles undertaken in the team. This will show that some of the duties of the team will be delayed or not undertaken. Therefore, the performance of the team will decline due to some of the team members who are underperforming. It challenges the value system process because each does not express their tacit values.

In the organization, there are many restrictions and regulations that affect the performance of the teams. Also in other cases, the problem exists in the team itself. Therefore, one of the issues that affect the team is poor communication structure or strategy that may be set by the organization that hinders smooth flow of information among the workers. In another way, the individuals in the team may treat their role independently without including other members, or team leader doesn’t communicate about the flow of the projects. It will not create awareness among team members. However, every member of the team should be frank about the team discuss all the progress of the team and provide assistance to each other. The team may lack effective leadership. Many team lack leaders, an individual who has the responsibility to lead others, guide them and hold team members accountable. The morale and momentums of the team reduce if there is no organizational value system. It may also lead to role confusion in the team that may result in conflict among the team met. It is good and more significant to structure the team in a way that every member of the team is aware of his or her responsivities and should perform his roles without altering other team met roles to eliminate confusion and conflicts. Above all, there should exist a strong leader in the team to provide guidance to the team member on their roles and resolve conflicts in case they occur so that they exist in a conducive environment for better performance of the team.

The challenge of asking about the values of peers

It is very challenging to identify the values of each in the team because some of the values like tacit value are not easily expressed in the team. Accountability of the team met is personal willingness to undertake their responsibility to the team.

Agreement found on the surface of the values

The poor working environment of the team members. Every team has a meeting place where they discuss all their related activities and the progress they have made. This increase individual congruence that team member can express their ideas. Therefore, the place should be quiet and conducive to effective teamwork. In another case where the team is virtual, team members must agree on the virtual tools they should use in file sharing, communication, project, and task monitoring. This will assist in creating progress awareness among every member of the team, or it will lead to confusion.

Different interpretations of the values

Many members of the team do not know their rights, roles, and responsibilities of the team. Therefore, they don’t believe in themselves, and thus, their accountability for their roles in the team is not seen. They just follow the decision of others in the team. However, their values are not expressed in the team, which hinders its performance. On the other hand, few members knew what they are doing. Hence, their values are interpreted, practiced, and implemented to improve the team’s performance. To eliminate this different interpretation of value, every member should be informed about his or her rights, responsibility and role in the team and the then taught how to practice them to improve teamwork.

Major surprise

In the team, there exist the good documenting system that documents every action that is taken by the team. This is more important for future reference. The surprising thing is the idea of identifying the leaders of the team. Each member is given a right to choose the team leader.  Members elect leaders. This shows the members’ equal participation in identifying their leaders. Therefore each member is given equal right to any position depending on his or her capability.

Challenge top value shared by the team

It was challenging for team members to come to the process of sharing the team’s top values. It’s challenging because most team members are not aware of their right and responsibility to the team. Therefore it’s important for the member to be elite on their roles and responsibility in the team and begin to practice their values to improve the performance of the team. It’s also more challenging to give the roles to the individual who does not have skills and knowledge to do those responsibilities. In some cases, the individual is not willing to undertake that role. It becomes typically hectic for the team because some of the roles will not be perfectly performed, thus reducing the performance of the team. In this case, the individual needs a maximum supervisor that may be more stressful to the leader of the team. It is better to give team met roles they are willing to do. Therefore, the team should have diverse members who come together to form the perfect team.

Values that reflect team norms

The most important values that should exist in the team are accountability, discipline, and frankness. The value of accountability gives each his or her role to which he or she is responsible. In this case, every member works perfectly in their respective responsibilities without interfering with other members’ roles for better performance of the team. Discipline, on the other hand, increases oneness among team members and, thus, unity. The respect the individual express to each other increase relationship and friendship among them. This will increase the willingness of members of the team to share information or ideas. The last value I saw that was important was frankness. Each member of the team must be open to sharing information or ideas with each other. Also, each member of the team must be aware of all the activities and projects of the team. Therefore, the values of the team are important to the teamwork. This assists the team in cohesion and coordination. For the performance of the team to be perfect every member should be willing to undertake his or her roles and responsivities without interfering with other members. There should exist smooth communication or flow of information in the team. That will enable everyone to practice their values for the achievement of the team objectives and goals.


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