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How does The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) control the growing features of the drug in the country?

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is known as one of the country’s major federal institutes. The particular purpose of this government organization is to take necessary actions to effectively deal with the growing features of the drug in the country. The organization of ONDP is the responsible institute to lead and coordinate the facets of proper development, evaluation, and the effective application of the drug policy of the country. It is also crucial to mention that ONDCP is known as the responsible authority for providing necessary financial and managerial assistance to the particular President’s Commission concerning the issues of Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

Richard J. Baum is the acting director of the organization of ONDCP. He has been the head of the agency since March 2017. The position director of ONDCP, also known as the Drug Czar, is responsible for adopting the best administrative approach to control the features of drug demand and supply in the country. Baum effectively influences the agency of ONDCP by influencing the features of national security and domestic drug policy. The focus of the drug Czar is to effectively align the domestic approach of drug control to the international paradigm to attain positive consequences. It is also essential to mention that he has a significant philosophy concerning the featured threat against the aspect of incarceration. The facet of treatment is one of the major concerns of the drug Czar. He comes with the approach that proper treatment of drug users can minimize the growing aspect of drug addiction in the country.

The current prevailing issue of opioids in the country questions the specific approach of Donald Trump to deal with drug usage. Trump’s government decided to decrease the amount of the budget in case of drug policy. It is notable to mention that the administration of the country decided to cut the expenses for the National Drug Control Policy up to 95%. Undoubtedly, this particular step of the government raises the question concerning the growing element of drug usage (Humphreys). The growing death rate in case of drug overdose can also concern the government spending on drug control policy. It is necessary to consider that it is not officially discussed by the Trump government about the changing pattern of spending on drug control, but different sources of news indicate the drug control policy. The particular facet of the ONDCP in the country is crucial as it has the necessary power to influence the drug policy formulated by the U.S. government. There are three necessary features that can be characterized as influential features in the country’s overall drug control policy. The first influential feature of the ONDCP is that it has the necessary information concerning the drug problems that prevail in the country. The organization of ONDCP has enough information to influence the policies of the federal government related to drug control. It is the reality that the White House is not able to attain necessary information regarding the growing phenomenon of opioids without the intervention of the organization of ONDCP. A second necessary aspect related to the role of ONDCP is that it immensely initiates different effective schemes on the national level to address the growing issue of the high rate of drug use in the country. Another crucial feature that needs to be apprehended in the case of ONDCP is that this particular organization effectively engages in the drug policy across the government. It comes with the feature to provide necessary and effective financial approaches to the different departments of the federal government.

It is crucial to understand that the Trump government follows a specific policy related to the feature of drug control in the country. The particular policy adopted by the trump government is criticized by many citizens of the country as they believe that sticking to the war on drugs only costs a huge amount to the state. The particular objective of President Trump regarding drug policy is to lead to the war on drugs. This particular feature cannot be considered a wise approach as it is one of the biggest sources of government expenditure, ultimately influencing the common citizen of the country. The government of Trump is firmly determined to take necessary actions to control the facet of drug use (President Trump Hosts an Opioid and Drug Abuse Listening Session). The ultimate goal of the trump government is to adopt an effective approach to drug use. The administration of Trump has the objective to take strict actions to fight against the extensive use of drug use in the country. This particular facet is considered by the government as the overdose of drugs is characterized as one of the major issues of accidental cause death. The current situation of drug usage in the country is considered by the current government as the situation of an epidemic. It is necessary to mention that the government of Trump initiated the idea of joint commitment to address the issue of drug usage. The facet of the Opioid crisis is under consideration by the current government of the country. Another feature that is needed to discuss Trump’s decision regarding the war against drug usage is that this particular idea of the federal government is not necessarily aligned with the administration of the local governments of many states.

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