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How Does ACA Affect The Entire Community And Public Health?

The Affordable Care Act was created by President Barack Obama to provide exclusive health coverage and services to most Americans. The law was created to provide healthcare services to uninsured individuals and families (Robert, Ezekiel, Nancy, 2010). The Act raised costs, disrupting coverage for some individuals, families, and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, but so far, the act has covered millions of Americans with long-term health plans. The paper discusses the main items featured in the ACA, the healthcare transformation attained after the signing of the ACA Law, and the most important elements of the Affordable Care Act and how it affects the entire community and public health.

The following are the main features of ACA:

Increased Access

Health care providers such as Medi-Cal cover adults with an income of less than 138% of FPL and without children. Health Insurance Marketplace has established a program for purchasing health insurance for everyone with an income of less than 400%.

Protection and Prevention

Insurance companies are allowed to cover anyone with any existing condition, and a medical exam is not required for health coverage. There are no limitations on the amount of money one should pay to gain access to all health care services. All adults below 26 years who cannot afford their own medical fees can rely on their parent’s health plans (Benjamin et al., 2013). All the new health care plans established cover preventive medication and other medical treatments.

ACA Improves Quality and Reduces Costs

ACA supports all Medicare benefits and increases other preventive and prescription drug benefits. Small businesses and entities can now provide health insurance to their employees by using federal tax credits, therefore reducing premium costs.
Health Care Transformation: the Affordable Care Act and More.

The Affordable Care Act has brought many health benefits to all Americans despite the challenges. For the act to be effective, healthcare systems have been improved or changed, which has led to cheap and affordable healthcare. ACA has brought major changes in the delivery of medical services. The ACA law is not perfect, but it has brought about healthcare transformation, changing lives for many Americans.

Important Elements of the Affordable Care Act

ACA aims to provide near-universal health coverage to the community. To achieve this goal, the government, families, and employers must take responsibility. The law also aims to improve quality, fairness, affordability, and health insurance for all Americans. ACA covers health care quality and efficiency for all patients. The act’s aim is also to strategize investments in public health through expanding preventive care and community investments. ACA enables the public to access all primary healthcare services and makes changes in the accessibility of both primary and preventive healthcare services (Sara, 2011). Due to the increased number of patients, nurses are encouraged to take on more active roles in patient care. The nurses inform the patients about ACA and explain the benefits of this law so that they can access both insurance and health care services.



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