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Full-Time Nursing Career – Advantages & Disadvantages


As a professional nurse, how often is it that nurses evaluate themselves in the environment they are exposed to? Nursing is regarded as one of the most challenging jobs presently. Since they come into contact with an immense number of people on a daily basis. Each patient has their own problem and demands a unique way to be adopted in order to provide them with comfort and care. Each nursing professional hones their public relations and interpersonal communication skills over the duration of their job years.

The essay will discuss the problems nurses have to face in terms of being exposed to various diseases, diversity of interpersonal experience, and other advantages and disadvantages of being a full-time nurse.


As a registered nurse, any nursing professional should fully prepare themselves to be working in an environment that demands undivided attention, devotion to duty hours, and knowing how to handle each and every patient in their care. Similar to any other professional job, nursing also has its own particular set of advantages and disadvantages that every nurse comes to realize as they grow within the field (Izlar 2014). The nature of these advantages and disadvantages may change over the course of their professional experience since many medical practices are undergoing improvements and present new challenges. However, some of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows,


Makes a difference since, as a nurse, you will be able to work with a variety of cases on a daily basis, and with each case, being a registered nurse, your knowledge will greatly increase. There are times when your work will prove to be helpful, even in saving someone’s life (Pocket Sense 2018). This is considered to be one of the gratifying factors of the job, as well as providing satisfaction towards the job.

  • More payout since the medical profession is full of numerous other options for nurses and doctors. As a registered nurse, there is diversity, which can be easily translated into more job openings in the years to come. Also, since nursing is considered to be a challenging task, job security is one aspect that nurses can be assured of.
  • Flexibility in job hours is noticed in the nursing field. Most nurses may work a specified twelve-hour shift, but most nurses are paid to be “on call,” and this can be plenty beneficial both financially and personally. As a registered nurse, it can help in deciding a schedule that fits your needs.


  • Exposure to illnesses on a daily basis since nurses are exposed to a variety of patients, each with a different disease. Coming into contact with these patients puts the nurse at risk of catching different forms of stomach viruses, flu, or the possibility of the common cold (Nurse Career Tips 2018). In the initial two to three years, nurses are commonly struggling with variations of communicable diseases.
  • Quick to burnout simply because there is still a large demand quota for nurses in the hospital, which necessarily translates into fewer nurses and more patients that need attending to. This may prove to be one of the biggest disadvantages in the nursing field of registered nurses.
  • Grievance comes naturally with this job since nurses often come to face the deaths of patients, and this fact, no matter how strong a person is, still comes as a fresh experience with the death of each patient over the duration of the job.


The field of nursing serves to be full of learning, well-paying and satisfying, as well as exhausting, being exposed to illness daily and stressful. Similar to most jobs, a nursing career also consists of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing a good way to avail the advantages and balancing out the disadvantages can prove to be a useful aspect of being a registered nurse. Owing a good insight into what the pros and cons are can help registered nurses know how to survive in the professional field in a better way.


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