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Equality and the struggle for social justice have been a call out for all humans around the globe. Throughout history, many individuals served as proponents of social justice by helping to create policies and programs that would enhance these concerns. Sociologists, for example, came out to advocate for those who have no voice. Some chose to lead protests on the street or share the comments in the public domain giving out threats as per their query recognition. Social networks are known as the most influential since it is used by millions of citizens. Facebook and Twitter being the most used platforms have leveraged social actions calling for equality and justice for women, gay- lesbians-HIV positive, and black Americans in the U.S.

The U.S president is known to belittle speeches perceived as racist and hate speech by college students. As to the article written by Ann Arbor who is a professor at the University of Michigan, protests had emerged condemning the anti-black insults comments written on the black American dormitory doors. Photos were taken and spreads all over Facebook and Twitter handle pages. These attracted the attention of the faculty members and students strictly called out for statements denouncing such hate speech.

Increased engagement of citizens of the US in public domains has highly promoted social justice to all despite their gender, sexual orientation, and race. For example, the San Francisco police department provides all citizens with the opportunity to engage in safety issues concerning them via social networking platforms. People share with policymakers issues affecting them, they are able to inform and interact with leaders concerned. Thereby, giving Lesbians, for example, a chance to speak out about what discriminates against them. In addition, Lambda legal defense and education fund forms the largest organization in the US in 1973. It has been working to secure civil rights for gays, lesbians, and persons with HIV through education, public policy work, and litigation. These are always shared on their Twitter and Facebook sites, sending messages to all.

Moreover, political debates on Twitter do send a strong message to women. Hillary Clinton for example sends tweets based on gender equality thereby promoting gender fairness in the U.S. By this, many women got inspired that Twitter is a powerful social media reached by many, and can be used to challenge rigid gender roles. Being a woman in the race, she represented enormous progress since U.S presidential debates always consider women’s presence as a great impact. In reading out verdicts, Clinton and Trump are both heard and treated fairly. Later shared on social media platforms, a woman’s voice is heard hence promoting gender equality.

In conclusion, Facebook and Twitter being the most used platforms have leveraged social actions calling for equality and justice for women, gay- lesbians-HIV positive, and black Americans in the United States. These platforms unite people and enable them to share and speak out about issues affecting them. With the increased help of proponents and role models fighting for social justice and equality, there is a possibility of achieving this dream and changing society into a better place, especially if these social networks are increasingly used.


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