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Explain how adaptive leadership works and what benefits this could bring to leaders.

Adaptive Leadership relates to the practice through which a leader interacts with their subordinates on a more personal level. This also relates to the practice of invoking change among the subordinates as well. An adaptive leader is capable of teaching the employees or people to take steps that allow them to adapt to the changes occurring in their environment. Another effective quality of an adaptive leader is translated in terms of their ability to accommodate change throughout different levels of the organization or community around them. This, in turn, allows the employees or individuals to take on challenges and seek out ways to tackle them in an ethical, efficient, and effective manner.

Among the key features of adaptive leadership, there are several ways that adaptive leaders inspire this change for people or employees to reform themselves.

  • Most adaptive leaders will take a step back from a prevailing crisis or problem and will try to gain new insight into the matter before approaching it with ways to solve it.
  • The leader will determine the nature of the problem. If the problem is found to be technical then they will take on steps to authorize people or employees with relevant expertise to solve it. In case the problem is adaptive, necessary steps will be taken to invoke change among employees or individuals to adapt and proceed with alternatives to solve the given problem or challenge.
  • Adaptive leadership is beneficial since it incorporates strength that proves fitting for most scenarios.
  • Since Adaptive Leadership prioritizes the use of properly analyzing the problem and the leader takes each step with their employees in focus, in other words, people/follower centered. It also focuses on emphasizing the importance of organization or community environment and the impact the change will have on the people and the impact their change will have on the environment they exist in.



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