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Existentialism Annotated Bibliography

Biesta, G. (2015). Freeing Teaching from Learning: Opening Up Existential Possibilities in Educational Relationships. Studies In Philosophy & Education, 34(3), 229-243.

The information elucidated in this piece of text, describes is related to the relativity between the subjects ‘teaching and learning’. The primary point that this document highlights is the verification of the fact that the process of teaching does not certainly results in learning of any subject and this shouldn’t be expected either. Adopting a secondary technique, this paper is endorsing philosophy related to education. The point that makes it strong is that it emphases and elucidates that there exists a link in between the concept of “teaching and learning” thoroughly. It intends to persuade the readers (teachers and families) that teaching any subject and the learning of the subject are entirely two distinctive commodities. Apart from this, the major flaw of this paper is the replication and repetitiveness of dialogues that are similar to each other, means both are related to teaching and learning and just a short explanation related to existentialism. What makes this document extremely creditable is the fact the it got published recently and this is in 2014. It is also available online and a treat of free download as well for additional references.

Gutek, G. (2014). Philosophical, ideological and theoretical perspectives on education. USA: Pearson. (Chapter 5)

The chapter of the subject related to existentialism and the education offers an extensive explanation related to the subject of existentialism and the use of its method in the field of education in schooling, its teaching, learning of the subject and its syllabus. The main target of this chapter is to deliver a complete information of theory of existentialism to educators and to encourage them in order to build and revise the philosophy of their own in the field of education by talking over about rejection of system, historic viewpoints, philosophers that are different, existing themes and curriculum. What strengthens this chapter is the fact that it put emphases on views of existentialist philosophers and also supports 21st century’s teachers to develop their style of educating and learning. The association that talked over in this section is defined as the confusion in between the freedom and the ability of comfort, that forcefully makes teachers to implement morals and the social integrity as regards to the choice of the children. However, the major vacancy that exits in this chapter is the extensive length of the document’s content and that is very time consuming. Knowing so, still, the chapter is extremely reliable and pertinent to those who read it, in order to enhance their existentialism’s understanding.

RevolutionaryCapital. (2013, November 3). Summerhill (2008) -AMAZING- Best Freedom Movie Ever!![Video file]. Retrieved from

The emphasis of the video of youtube, is on the method of the education held during summers that are initiated in the Hill school in Britain. This video portrays several characters in the video but only two main characters are in the spotlight throughout the. The central drive of the video is the backing up of existentialism philosophy in the field of education as because of this freedom of choice is provided to the children. The hill school in summers presets a wonderful example of the philosophy of existentialism which is inspiring many educators to ponder upon the educational philosophy and construct it again as well. The point that strengthens this video is the successful engagement with the viewers through the portrayal of national standards of education’s and summer hill’s competition. My viewpoint related to the video as viewer is that the weakness of this video is the representation of the fight happening between the government and children of the school which is intensely painful. Apart from that. the video builds a great know how for the educators, parents and the guardian to understand that children should be treated as children. In today’s world, our education system requires schools like Summer Hill in order to protect the childhood.



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